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Individual session (online chat)

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I decided to offer the new service “Online session” for people who are looking for their ideal life (i.e. start cooking class at home like me!), or/and for people who is considering to start doing their own business from home.

After experienced the big earthquake happened in 2011, I myself started creating and shifted my career working at international companies (i.e. executive assistant for VIP → marketing/PR manager) to a Japanese cooking teacher/recipe creator working from home. This career change didn’t go well at the beginning, of course. But cooking and teaching are my strength and passion so that I could become what I am now.✨(For my entrepreneurial story, please check my first cookbook! )

I thought now it’s time for me to share my knowledge and passion to help others for their new lifestyles!
I start this new service “online session” for my international clients as well.

Regular  55,000JPY(Including VAT10%、120 minutes)
Special offer:20,000JPY(Including VAT10%、90 minutes)*Until the 30th of June, 2020

Session detail:
Online chat via either of these  (Chat only)

– Skype
– Facebook Messenger

90 minutes

For booking :
Payment via PayPal

Recommend for:
1. Who wants to start cooking class at home

2. Who started cooking class but don’t know how to manage and gather guests

3. Who wants to start your own business

After confirming your payment,
we’ll fix the date by email and hold online session for 90 minutes individually.

Consult and advice marketing strategy, Branding, PR strategy (SNS etc) plans for you.

After the session, I appreciate your review and comments for the individual session.

Please refrain from applying such people:
*Who try to escape from reality
*Who are dependent
*Outpatients and medications for mental illness

Cancellation policy:
*Please note*
No refund will be given for any reason after payment.
If you cannot receive a session at the date and time of your reservation for unavoidable reason,
we are available to change the schedule.

For more booking and inquiry, please contact me! info@yjc.tokyo.

YUCa’s Table : vol.187

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Menu :
– Miso soup with tofu, long onion and wakame seaweed *
– Onigiri *
– Rolled veggies and mushroom with bacon
– Sautéed various mushrooms
– Japanese omelette
– Grilled shishamo fish
– Natto (fermented soybeans) with aosa seaweed
– Mikan (Japanese orange)

* Would you like to cook Japanese cuisine anytime?
☞ Download free app “Recipe by YJC” (iOS, iPad OS only now)

My favorite place : National Azabu

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Day trip to memorable and important place for me.
I’ve been visiting the National Azabu supermarket since I was a child. I found this supermarket from teen magazine I was reading when I was elementary school student. (Wow, almost 30 years ago!)

When I visited this store for the first time, I was so shocked to know there was such a place in Japan. I felt that I was in another country! Then, I was fascinated by the scent, the interior, the foods and the goods that I have never had. This experience definitely opened my mind and made me eager to understand other cultures in this world.
After coming back to my hometown in Fukushima, I slowly became interested in learning English.

Since I love this supermarket very much so I occasionally visited there after I came to Tokyo for studying and living. What is more, I even worked for them before starting my business. Because I thought this was the best timing and the last chance for me to work there.

Don’t forget the strong passion and impactful memories you have in your mind! I believe those will guide you to the next level!

Oshiruko | Red bean soup with mochi

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This time, I will show you how to make Oshiruko (Red bean soup with mochi). This is one of the traditional soup sweets in Japan. I am sure some of you have never imagined there is a soup sweets recipe in Japanese cuisine! You can taste this hidden sweets at Japanese sweets shops or cafes. In this recipe, I will use two kinds of mochi; the block type premade mochi and the handmade mochi made of glutinous rice powder. I also put other mochi recipes on “Recipe by YJC” or YouTube channel. Please try it out and tell me which mochi you like. Enjoy!

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YUCa’s Table : vol.186

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Menu :
– Miso soup with turnip and sweet potato
– Japanese rice  [Recipe]
– Kimchi
– Turnip and Shiso pickles
– Natto & Raw egg yolk
– Stir-fry veggie and pork with garlic
– Yellow peach
– Barley tea

Ohitashi | Blanched vegetables with Dashi

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This time, I will show you how to make Ohitashi (Blanced vegetables with Dashi). This is a side dish of Japanese cuisine. We usually use vegetables and tofu for this dish. You can only use one ingredient to make this. This is really delicate side dish since it is seasoned with only Dashi and drops of soy sauce and mirin. By the way, Dashi soup stock contains bonito flakes so you can omit this ingredients to make vegan version dashi soup stock. This dish would be one of the Japanese vegan side dishes. The tip for this dish is to blanch the vegetables for a quick moment to keep the fresh texture. (So, don’t boil too long!)  This dish is perfect to be served in normal or cold temperature. Enjoy!

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Onigiri under the Sakura cherry blossoms

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Did you enjoy the “Live” cooking class on YouTube on Saturday? I hope you made some of onigiri already.
After the class, My family and I visited the park in our neighborhood and enjoyed eating onigiri (that I made during and after the class) under the Sakura cherry blossoms. This year, this will be our first and the last time to go and see Sakura trees.

For video and recipe, please check here!

YUCa’s Table : vol.185

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Menu :
– Miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed and eggplant
– Soboro donburi  [Recipe]
– Salad
– Simmered pumpkin  [Recipe]
– Kimchi
– Peach

Gyu-don | Simmered beef over the rice

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Do you like Wagyu (Japanese beef)? I DO! Actually, I am not a big meat eater but I enjoy Gyu-don because I use good quality Japanese beef. As you see, the main ingredients are beef and onion. So simple. There are so many gyu-don shops here in Japan. For me, Gyu-don is a comfort and satisfying fast food. The cooking process of this dish is very simple. Please choose the good quality beef as much as possible and simmer until the sauce and the juice from beef and onion all blend. In this recipe, I put mitsuba leaves on top. This is a Japanese parsley and has unique minty flavor. To add extra flavor (and happiness!), I recommend to add soft-boiled or seasoned egg on top. If you are interested in making the seasoned egg, please check here. Enjoy Gyu-don!

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Hamaguri no osuimono | Cherrystone clam soup

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In this video, I’ll introduce how to make Hamaguri no osuimono (Cherrystone clam soup). Osuimono is a type of soup and has very delicate flavor. The flavor from the clam is really important and key for this soup. To add fancy color, I put some pieces of wheat gluten that we eat quite often here in Japan and also mitsuba leaves. Mitsuba is a Japanese parsley and has unique bitter flavor. We have this soup on special occasion. Guess when? Enjoy this soup recipe video and please try it out!
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