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YUCa’s Diary : Week 24, 2021

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Happy Weekend! My family and I visited Roppongi Hills and had lunch at our new favorite spot. We sit at the terrace seat and enjoyed the food and the sunshine. We had this beautifully sunny day today here in Tokyo. it’s still rainy season and rainy days will be back next week. Have a wonderful weekend & new week, everyone!!!

YUCa’s Diary : Week 23, 2021

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After strawberry, it’s Melon time! Recently, my mother sent us this beautiful Japanese melon. Everyone (except me!) in my family seems to be not good at melons, so I have to create recipes so that they can be eaten deliciously.

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YUCa’s Diary : Week 22, 2021

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Weekend has come! I visited Ariake area with my family and enjoyed the sunny day.
This week, my son will be 6 years old. Wow, 6 years old?! Still can’t believe. Especially, when I watch my YouTube videos, he is still 2 to 4 years old.
Anyway, I am so happy to be his mother and learn, experiment and try new things together everyday. And, I feel thankful that he helps me out and plays with his super energetic little sister Sui-chan. I want him to make various friends and spend fun time at his kindergarten. Oh, one more thing! Eat more veggies!!! 😉

YUCa’s Diary : Week 21, 2021

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I usually work from home almost every day. I go outside several times a day because of children’s private schools and kindergarten pick-ups, but I still go back and forth on the same road. That’s why, on weekends, it’s a good habit for me to go out with my family, mainly in Tokyo, and I love it. I try to eat foods that I don’t usually eat when I’m on the go, and things that I don’t make myself. That’s because I think it’s important to get new stimuli by staying outside my comfort zone.

This habit also applies to my children (especially my daughter Sui-chan). She is very interested in food and seems to like trying to taste anything, so I try to feed her as much as possible.

YUCa’s Diary : Week 20, 2021

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Happy Birthday, Luigi!
Luigi became 7 years old recently. Kengo and I made easy and healthy birthday cake for him. (Technically, for Mario and Luigi.) We used sweet potato, broccoli, tofu and soy yogurt. As a final touch, Kengo put special cookies for dogs on top! They ate all of them! So happy.

Luigi is always scared and cowardly, but has a very adorable personality. Sometimes the gestures and behaviors are like cats. In my family hierarchy, I always chase after my brother Mario because I want to escape from the bottom. It’s hard to get into a fight with Mario, but he must be desperate every day.

Such a Luigi is already 7 years old. I may think that he is a puppy forever, but I want to be careful about his health and let him spend his precious time.

YUCa’s Diary : Week 19, 2021

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Handmade rice cracker!
During Golden Week, My family and I went to Kawagoe and Tokorozawa in Saitama prefecture, which I had always been interested in for a long time. In Kawagoe, we visited an area called Dagashiya Yokocho (Japanese candy shop street) and baked rice crackers for the first time. I was impressed! I didn’t think it would be so difficult. The result of the rice cracker was just like patience and luck. We visited many other places and tasted various foods there. If you are interested in, check my Instagram for more details.

YUCa’s Diary : Week 18, 2021

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Time to enjoy strawberry!!! My little chef Kengo and I made milk pudding topped with strawberry jelly sauce. Recently, he wants to cook with a kitchen knife. Adult knives are dangerous, so I use children’s knives. Children’s knives are dull, so you can use them with confidence. You will practice with this knife for a while.

YUCa’s Diary : Week 17, 2021

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I think of this every week, but one week goes by in a blink of an eye. I shoot two recipe videos every week, but when I’m fluttering, I’m likely to forget what recipe I shot.
They always fall asleep just after the filming starts, but I am always healed by Mario and Luigi.

YUCa’s Diary : Week 16, 2021

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Tonkatsu for Lunch. The other day, my family and I visited Yamagata prefecture and had lunch at our favorite restaurant in the Shonai airport. Their signature dish is Tonkatsu and we always choose this!

Do you know Tonkatsu (とんかつ)? I remember that my cooking class guests sometimes misunderstood Tonkatsu (=Fried pork fillet) with Tonkotsu (=Pork bone). There are some tips to make crispy and juicy Tonkatsu. If you are interested in making Tonkatsu at home, please check here!

In Yamagata, we visited an aquarium famous for the best jellyfish in Japan. We were all surprised to meet so many kinds of jellyfish in one day. 

Thank you for watching my interview on NHK World

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Thank you for watching my interview on both BIZ STREAM  & NEWSLINE IN DEPTH on NHK World!

Although the influence of the pandemic is still continuing, I started my online class with the hope that we can feel the connection between people through cooking and help enrich your life.

To commemorate this broadcast, I decided to hold a special campaign. If you make a reservation using this campaign code, you will get 20% off the tuition fee for online classes. Please take this opportunity to invite your friends and family to experience the online class.

Online Cooking Class : https://yjc.tokyo/category/virtual-japanese-cooking-class
Campaign code : NHK2021BIZ

I look forward to cooking with you online!

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