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In-person Class Schedule

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Apr 22(Mon) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    May 1(Wed) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    May 13(Mon) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    May 22(Wed) 10:00-12:30

    Home Meal Set

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    May 30(Thu) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Jun 3(Mon) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

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Latest Posts

YUCa’s Tea

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our tea brand, YUCa’s Tea!

Japanese green tea is loved by people as an indispensable drink for daily health maintenance.
It is rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, catechins, and other nutrients, and has the following benefits.

● Prevents carcinogenesis
● Reduce cholesterol in the blood
● Prevents aging
● Preventing the increase of blood pressure and blood sugar
● Anti-viral
● Prevents tooth decay
● Prevents bad breath
● Prevents the development of blemishes
● Keeps skin healthy, etc.

In Japan, green tea is grown over a wide area, from Akita in the north to Okinawa in the south.
Major production areas include Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Mie, Kyoto, and Saitama prefectures.

This time, as the first phase of YUCa’s Tea, we chose Chiran-cha (知覧茶) from Kagoshima prefecture.
Chiran-cha is a brand of green tea produced in Minami-Kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture, which boasts the largest production volume in Japan.

Minami-Kyushu City has the perfect conditions for producing delicious tea, with well-drained, fertile soil created by the volcanic ash of Sakurajima(桜島), a mild climate throughout the year, and abundant sunshine.

Chiran-cha is also famous as a deep steamed tea, and is characterized by its mild flavor after drinking.

To make it easy to enjoy Chiran-cha, the teabag style is designed to be easy to drink in a mug.
Also, on the back of the product, we have included instructions on how to enjoy the tea both hot and iced.

For the time being, the product will only be available in my cooking studio.
(Or, if you are interested, please contact us!)
How about this original product only available here as a souvenir?

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Kumade (熊手) & Tori-no-ichi (酉の市)

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We bought a “Kumade(熊手)” at the Torinoichi (酉の市) market held in Asakusa! Torinoichi(酉の市) is an event held at temples and shrines associated with eagles and birds, such as Tori-no-temples, which are numerous in the Kanto region. 

Held every year on the “day of the Tori”(酉の日) in November, visitors purchase lucky charms such as “Kumade”to report their good fortune for the year and wish for good fortune in the following.

The Kumade, used as a tool for raking up fallen leaves and other debris, is said to be “a tool for raking up luck” or “a tool for raking up gold and silver” because of its shape and function, and has come to be treated as a lucky charm that brings luck, fortune, and prosperity to business.

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“School Revolution” by NTV (Japan)

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YJC was featured on Japanese TV program. 📺✨
It was a quiz show where the casts would guess what we were making in the class!
To watch this show, click here for special limited edition broadcasts.

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Back to school in Japan

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Summer vacation is over. Even our children, a kindergartener and an elementary school student, they seemed to have enjoyed their month-long free time.

My son, an elementary school student, had homework from school. He had to complete Japanese and math assignments on a tablet PC, a one-line diary (with a checklist to see if he helped his parents), a book report, a diary of his observations of mini-tomatoes, a free craft (in his case, making a LEGO creation), and 10 books to read.

There are also many other contests that are free to participate in, such as contests to draw posters on environmental issues, eco ideas, summer- and autumn-themed haiku, piggy bank designs, and so on.

When I was in elementary school, a special booklet called “Summer Vacation Friends” was distributed. I think there was a little more homework, not only Japanese and arithmetic, but also science and social studies.

On the other hand, some schools did not give homework because it was “summer vacation,” which I felt reflected the times.

Do you have homework in your country? I would be very happy if you could tell me what kind of homework you have.

Hokusai’s “The Great Wave” by LEGO

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Do you know a Japanese famous artist, Katsushika Hokusai?
Even if you do not know his name, you may have seen this ”The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa”, one of his masterpieces.

Since this LEGO product were recently released, we decided to display it inside the YJC classroom. Furthermore, we are happy to add a Japanese-style interior.
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“Discover JAPAN in your Fridge” (ABC TV)

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Some of you might knew from YJC’s IG story but I visited NYC and filmed for TV program in mid October.
And the filming in New York will be broadcasted in Japan soon!
If you live in the Kansai area, please watch the program and tell me how you liked it.

Date and time: November 4 (Fri.) 25:34~26:34
TV Channel: 6 (ABC TV)
Name of the show : “Discover JAPAN in your Fridge
* This program will be aired in Japanese but I might be speaking English there.
I hope they have added subtitles during the show. 😉

Special THANKS to talented chef Mr.Yoshi & Fun and amazing crews from ABC TV!

YJC’s New Entrance!

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YJC’s shop curtain called “Noren” and signboard, under my husband’s direction, are now complete!

The Noren is hung in front of the cooking class and removed when the class is over. In the past, customers often got lost in the neighborhood, but thanks to this Noren, they don’t get lost at all. The signboard is displayed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it has become a bit more noticeable in the neighborhood. LOL. We are very happy that more and more people are complimenting us on the YJC logo. Please come and see the new YJC’s entrance!

YUCa’s Japanese Cooking in New York

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I recently had the opportunity to work on a TV program and went to New York for the filming.

Since I started teaching cooking classes, it has been one of my dreams to visit homes overseas to teach cooking, so when I was offered the opportunity, I wondered if it would really happen, but as the day of my trip to the United States approached, I gradually realized that this is a reality.

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Japanese Home Meals class collaborated with Kokoro Cares

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Collaboration class with Kokoro Cares is finished!
Thank you for everyone at Kokoro Cares and for all the guests who joined this special Japanese set meal cooking lesson.

Although we had a limited amount of time to conduct the event, it was a valuable opportunity for me to efficiently prepare a set menu while talking with familiar guests and guests meeting for the first time through the screen. I found that as long as I was prepared, I could prepare so many menus even in the limited time of one hour.

If you are interested in making this kind of Japanese-style set meals, please join my “Healthy Japanese Meals” class (online) or Home Meals class (in-person).

Collaboration Class with Kokoro Cares

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The first collaboration class with  Kokoro Cares was success!
I taught 6 dishes in 60 minutes ⏰

I usually make time to prepare many of the prep meals three times a week in bulk. This frees me up from having to think about the menu every day and allows me to have other free time.

The recipe is for two servings, but if doubled or tripled, it will provide 3-4 days of prep meals. If you plan the menu in advance, as I did in this class, you can use fewer ingredients, which results in saving money. Highly recommended!

There are still a few openings in the class, so if you are interested in this class, please message me directly or visit the linked homepage in the story in my profile. (Vegan, Halal etc. other options are available!)

If you are interested in joining this special class, please book your date from here!
4 spots (dates) are still available!
– March 28th, 10:00am (JST)
– April 11th, 10:00am (JST)
– April 18th, 10:00am (JST)
– April 25th, 10:00am (JST)
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Healthy Japanese Meals Class (March & April 2022)

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