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“Discover JAPAN in your Fridge” (ABC TV)

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Some of you might knew from YJC’s IG story but I visited NYC and filmed for TV program in mid October.
And the filming in New York will be broadcasted in Japan soon!
If you live in the Kansai area, please watch the program and tell me how you liked it.

Date and time: November 4 (Fri.) 25:34~26:34
TV Channel: 6 (ABC TV)
Name of the show : “Discover JAPAN in your Fridge
* This program will be aired in Japanese but I might be speaking English there.
I hope they have added subtitles during the show. 😉

Special THANKS to talented chef Mr.Yoshi & Fun and amazing crews from ABC TV!

YJC’s New Entrance!

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YJC’s shop curtain called “Noren” and signboard, under my husband’s direction, are now complete!

The Noren is hung in front of the cooking class and removed when the class is over. In the past, customers often got lost in the neighborhood, but thanks to this Noren, they don’t get lost at all. The signboard is displayed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it has become a bit more noticeable in the neighborhood. LOL. We are very happy that more and more people are complimenting us on the YJC logo. Please come and see the new YJC’s entrance!

YUCa’s Japanese Cooking in New York

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I recently had the opportunity to work on a TV program and went to New York for the filming.

Since I started teaching cooking classes, it has been one of my dreams to visit homes overseas to teach cooking, so when I was offered the opportunity, I wondered if it would really happen, but as the day of my trip to the United States approached, I gradually realized that this is a reality.

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Japanese Home Meals class collaborated with Kokoro Cares

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Collaboration class with Kokoro Cares is finished!
Thank you for everyone at Kokoro Cares and for all the guests who joined this special Japanese set meal cooking lesson.

Although we had a limited amount of time to conduct the event, it was a valuable opportunity for me to efficiently prepare a set menu while talking with familiar guests and guests meeting for the first time through the screen. I found that as long as I was prepared, I could prepare so many menus even in the limited time of one hour.

If you are interested in making this kind of Japanese-style set meals, please join my “Healthy Japanese Meals” class (online) or Home Meals class (in-person).

Collaboration Class with Kokoro Cares

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The first collaboration class with  Kokoro Cares was success!
I taught 6 dishes in 60 minutes ⏰

I usually make time to prepare many of the prep meals three times a week in bulk. This frees me up from having to think about the menu every day and allows me to have other free time.

The recipe is for two servings, but if doubled or tripled, it will provide 3-4 days of prep meals. If you plan the menu in advance, as I did in this class, you can use fewer ingredients, which results in saving money. Highly recommended!

There are still a few openings in the class, so if you are interested in this class, please message me directly or visit the linked homepage in the story in my profile. (Vegan, Halal etc. other options are available!)

If you are interested in joining this special class, please book your date from here!
4 spots (dates) are still available!
– March 28th, 10:00am (JST)
– April 11th, 10:00am (JST)
– April 18th, 10:00am (JST)
– April 25th, 10:00am (JST)
↓   ↓   ↓
Healthy Japanese Meals Class (March & April 2022)

Radio Interview For “Living In Japan” (NHK World Japan)

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I have an announcement to make this time.
That is, I was interviewed by NHK WORLD JAPAN for their radio program “Living in Japan” and went to the studio to participate in the recording!!!

“Living in Japan” is a program that provides hints and tips for foreigners who are living or planning to live in Japan, as well as for those who are interested in Japanese culture.

– Radio Webside

– My InterviewRadio: Jan 2nd 2022 On air

In the recording, I talked about topics such as “How to start cooking Japanese food” and “Easy & Delicious dishes to cook during this season” etc. Since it was a radio program, my favorite song and its episode will also be introduced in the program.

It was my first time to record a radio show, but the MCs Kevin (YouTuber&Influencer) & Ruth (Company Consultant CEO) created a fun atmosphere, so I was able to enjoy the show and finish it.

The episode I was interviewed in will be aired on January 2, 2022 (SUN) at 1:10 pm Japan time. The program will be broadcast on the NHK World’s Free App, Radio, and Website and archived on On Demand, so don’t worry if you missed it!

I’m also very excited to see how the show turns out.❤️

The Season of Delicious Adzuki Red Beans

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It’s getting so cold in the morning and evening that I can almost feel my white breath coming out. Winter is coming little by little. At this time of year, Adzuki red beans are especially delicious. The other day, I made a pudding with soy milk and leftover sweetened Adzuki red bean paste called Anko. (I used agar-agar, so the texture may be more of a jelly than a pudding.)

It’s very easy to make! Put the 1 cup of soy milk and a half cup of grainy Anko in a small saucepan and heat it up a little, then add the 1g of agar-agar powder (or 10g of Gelatin powder, if you prefer) and let it dissolve. Be careful not to overheat at this point! Turn off the heat, transfer to a container, wait until it comes to room temperature, and then put it in the refrigerator. Spoon as much as you like, place on your favorite dish, top with Kuromitsu (or molasses) and Kinako soybean powder.

Harekutani Cat Chopstick Rest Set
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YUCa’s Diary : Week 26, 2021

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Happy weekend! My family and I went to the Roppongi area. I like the Roppongi area because there are imported food supermarkets that I love and there are some parks that children can enjoy. For lunch, we ate Hitsumabushi and went to a cafe. My daughter goes back and forth between me and my husband. And eat well, eat well. She ate her favorite egg pudding and was in a good mood from beginning to end. Recently, she has been able to eat with her own spoon and fork, which has made me easier.

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YUCa’s Diary : Week 25, 2021

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Home-style rice crackers.Kengo and I made home-style (easy!) rice crackers by combining the trial production of new recipes and activities with children.

First, we combined steamed Japanese rice and ingredients found in the kitchen, and put in a microwave for several minutes. And it’s done! Too easy?!

3 Kinds:
– Tenkasu (tempura batter) and aonori seaweed + soy sauce
– Black sesame seeds and cheese + salt
– White sesame seeds, cheese and dried shrimp + sesame oil and soy sauce

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