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Web Media :

Babble.com (by Disney) (USA)
JapanTravel.com (Japan)
@DIME (Japan)
Forbes JAPAN (Japan)

YouTube :
Raphael Gomez (UK)

Radio :
NHK (Japan)
J-Wave (Japan)

TV :
Cool Japan by NHK (Japan)
Biz Stream by NHK World 2018 (Japan)
Biz Stream by NHK World 2021 (Japan)
NHK (Japan)
Fuji Television Network (Japan)
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (Japan)

Newspaper :
deStandard (Austria)
Nikkei Marketing (Japan)
Nikkei (Japan)

Magazine :
東洋経済 Toyo-Keizai (Nikkei)
Oi VIETNAM (Vietnam) *P.67-P.69
Nittone (にっとね)Local magazine (Japan)
Harmony by ECC Language school (Japan)

Blog :
Farby chute Vone (Slovakia)
Peach NO JAPAO (Brazil)
Choyu Choyu (Korea)

Movie :
DASHI and SHOYU“, guest speaker
Lost in translation“, 🙂

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