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Virtual Class Schedule

In-person Class Schedule

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Dec 15(Fri) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Dec 20(Wed) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Dec 21(Thu) 10:00-12:30

    Okonomiyaki & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Jan 5(Fri) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Jan 6(Sat) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

  • Yuka's Japanese Cooking
    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Jan 10(Wed) 10:00-12:30

    Ramen & Gyoza

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Latest Posts

YJC’s 10th Anniversary !

In July 2023, YUCa’s Japanese Cooking celebrated its 10th anniversary!

My first class was on July 9, 2013. I remember how nervous I was to start the first class in a room of the tiny apartment that my husband and I had just bought at the time.
On that day, my two Australian friends joined.
At the memorable first class, we made okonomiyaki, grilled corn, and somen noodles with the “summer festival” theme. Although I managed to finish the class successfully, it was a month later that I was able to hold the next class.

Thanks to the word of mouth from guests who participated in the class helped me to be able to gradually increase the number of classes from once a month to twice a month and then once a week. Now, thankfully, the class is almost full every day.

During the pandemic (COVID), I started new online classes and filming recipe videos & Vlogs for YouTube. It was a tough time as an entrepreneur but I could survive thanks to my husband and children’s supports. I feel so grateful. ❤️

Over the past 10 years, I have received national and international media coverage of my cooking classes. I was also able to realize my long-time dream of holding cooking classes overseas, in New York. I secretly hope to have more opportunities like this in the future.✈️🌏🎵

As for the future, since this is my 10th year anniversary, I am planning to try new project to further promote Japanese cuisine.
I will let you know as soon as the details are finalized! ✨✨✨

Love from Tokyo 🇯🇵❤️

Best of the Best 2023 Travelers’ Choice

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YUCa’s Japanese Cooking was awarded the Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best Award for 2023!

This is the second time YJC has won this award. What an honor!
Thank you to all our guests for your support!!!

Since the state of emergency was lifted and the country opened last October, more and more customers have been visiting our cooking classes.

I would like to continue to devote myself to making Japanese food and culture accessible to many people around the world, and to deliver the philosophy of “Enrich Life From Table”.

Lastly, thank you for all your interest and support in so many ways!

Love from Tokyo 🇯🇵❤️

(*) Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best to experiences and attractions with a high volume of above-and-beyond reviews and opinions collected from travelers around the world on Tripadvisor over a 12-month period. Each winner has passed our rigorous trust and safety standards. Fewer than 1% of Tripadvisor’s 8 million listings are awarded Best of the Best, signifying the highest level of excellence in travel.
Best of the Best Things to Do : Top Overall Experiences – Japan

Reviews from online cooking class guests

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Three of my friends and I took a cooking class from YUCa-san over Zoom. It was a lot of fun and the dishes were really delicious! I was surprised by how quickly we could make so many dishes. I have already made several of the dishes again for my family. I learned a lot even though I am experienced in making Japanese home-style recipes. Thank you, YUCa-san!

– Chiyo from USA 

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Class Reservations

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How to book the class?

To Book In-person Class :

1. Go to Class Schedule page and check if the class date is open.
2. Click on your desired dates and select your class (if any classes are available).
3. Fill out and submit the request form at the bottom of the page.
4. We will send a reply with the link for the payment. (If you do not receive a reply from us within two days, please resubmit your request again.)
5. You will receive a booking confirmation mail after payment is completed.

*If you want to try other class, go to All Classes page and fill the form to send your request to us.
*If you are a large group (more than 7 guests), please contact us from here.

To Book Virtual Class :

1. Go to Virtual Class Schedule page and check if the class date is open.
2.Click on your desired dates and select your class (if any classes are available).
3. Fill out and submit the request form at the bottom of the page.
4. We will send a reply with the link for the payment. If you do not receive a reply from us within two days, please resubmit your request again.
5. You will receive a link of Google Meet and a booking confirmation mail with a full list of ingredients and utensils.

Online Japanese Cooking Class in TOKYO

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Join the Live Streaming Online Cooking Class with YUCa!

This is a private & online cooking class with home cooking chef YUCa.
In this live streaming cooking experience, you will connect with YUCa from her private kitchen in Tokyo. She will be guiding you step by step to create popular Japanese foods in the comfort of your home kitchen. All classes are private lessons. You can sign up to a class and learn Japanese cooking whenever you are available!

Class & Menu:

1. Regular class (Duration : 1 hours)
– Monthly Special : Tonkotsu Ramen
Ramen & Noodles
– Okonomiyaki
– Gyoza
Home-style Sushi
Japanese Sweets
Family Cooking : Japanese Baby Food & Toddler Meals
Healthy Japanese Meals : Collaboration class with Kokoro Cares (March & April, 2022)

2. Intensive class (Duration : It depends )
If you have specific menus/dishes you would like to learn, please contact-us.

Business Hours:

[Mon – Fri]  10:00AM ~ 1:00PM
[Sat]  10:00AM ~ 1:00PM  / 9:00PM ~ 11:00PM

Can’t you find a schedule for your time zones?
   Please contact us. we’ll do our best to make it work together!


5,000JPY (including VAT10%) 
*Monthly Special class is 10,000JPY (including VAT10%) and it takes 2 hours.



Reviews from our Guests:

Here are the reviews from some of our online cooking class guests !

How to book:

1. Please visit our virtual class page and fill the request form down below. Then, push “Send your request” button.

2. We will send a reply with the link for the payment. If you do not receive a reply from us within two days, please resubmit your request again.

3. Once you book the class, you’ll receive a link of Google Meet and a full list of ingredients and utensils. Not to worry – we keep it simple, you probably already have all the things you need in your kitchen!

4. As we get closer to the big day, you’ll receive notes from us to help you to connect virtually on the day you book.

5. See you from the kitchen!


If you have any allergies, food preferences or restrictions, please let us know in advance. We will be flexible!

The schedule hours default to Japan Standard Time (JST)★.
Please pay attention to the day you sign up for in accordance with your time zone!

NOISIA2: 海外企業からの報酬を受け取る日は時差に注意?

Can’t you find a schedule for your time zones? Don’t worry!
Please contact us. We can do our best to make it work together!

Best of the Best 2021 Travelers’ Choice

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For the past few years, I have been unable to do in-person cooking classes due to Corona and have only been doing online cooking classes, but I am very honored to receive this award.
See the detail of award is here.

Now that the state of emergency has been lifted this month in Tokyo, I decided to resume face-to-face classes.
I would like to continue to meet many overseas customers who are interested in Japanese food and culture, and to contribute to them. I am looking forward to meeting many of you!
Lastly, thank you for all your interest and support in so many ways!
Love from Tokyo 🇯🇵❤️

The BEST Cooking Class in Japan 2019 by TripAdvisor

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Breaking News!!!

YUCa’s Japanese Cooking got the honor of The Best Cooking Class in Japan 2019 from international travelers by TripAdvisor. It’s amazing to have received this award for two continuous years! (2018 & 2019). I will have maternity leave soon but I will do my best to pursue my lifetime mission “Connect Japan and overseas countries through Japanese food & Lifestyle”!!! I am now working on new projects to give various values for all of you! Let’s enjoy the journey with us!!!

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!!!


Media Coverage

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TV :
Cool Japan by NHK (Japan)
Biz Stream by NHK World 2018 (Japan)
Biz Stream by NHK World 2021 (Japan)
NHK (Japan)
Fuji Television Network (Japan)
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (Japan)
Discover Japan in Your Fridge by ABC TV (Japan)
news every. by NTV (Japan)
School Revolution by NTV (Japan)  NEW!

Newspaper :
deStandard (Austria)
Nikkei Marketing (Japan)
Nikkei (Japan)

Radio :
NHK (Japan)
J-Wave (Japan)

Magazine :
東洋経済 Toyo-Keizai (Japan)
Oi VIETNAM (Vietnam) *P.67-P.69
Nittone (にっとね)Local magazine (Japan)
Harmony by ECC Language school (Japan)

Web Media :
Babble.com (by Disney) (USA)
JapanTravel.com (Japan)
@DIME (Japan)
Forbes JAPAN (Japan)

YouTube :
Raphael Gomez (UK)

Blog :
Farby chute Vone (Slovakia)
Peach NO JAPAO (Brazil)
Choyu Choyu (Korea)

Movie :
DASHI and SHOYU“, guest speaker
Lost in translation“, 🙂

Our record & Reviews from the guests

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Our record :
TOTAL : 1,411 reviews (As of July,2019)
936 reviews by TripAdvisor *
389 reviews by Airbnb experience
46 reviews by Facebook
40 reviews by Google Map

*This number includes the 168 reviews from our previous location (July 2013- December 2016).

Reviews from our guests :

“much more than a cooking class” (superdeluxe from Paris, France)

YUCa puts together a great cooking class in her home but the experience is much more than learning to cook a few Japanese dishes because she has an intense passion for sharing the culture of Japan with her guests.

I chose the class initially in part because of the shopping trip for ingredients beforehand. I have been to Japan many times but always find supermarkets bewildering because of my lack of Japanese language skills. We started out in the market and she identified all the ingredients we had to buy but also pointed out many other interesting items in the store, telling stories, for example, about all the different kinds of noodles and soy sauces (which I would not have been able to differentiate otherwise). After the class, armed with knowledge, I returned to the store and bought many things to bring back to friends as gifts.

The class was intimate, interactive and hands-on, taking place in her Tokyo home. It is not a show class. YUCa speaks absolutely excellent English and has lived abroad, so it’s a comfortable experience for foreigners. We made some delicious dishes (see photos) and then ate them together. Perfect.

Since we took the class, YUCa continued to engage us in cultural exchange, sending occasional recipes, telling stories of seasonal dishes and Japanese holidays and festivals in her newsletter. She also has an active YouTube channel. All of this is to say that once you join YUCa’s class you are invited to continue to engage in Japan’s unique culture and learn more. It’s obviously not just a way to make some money, it is a passion for her, to share her culture. This is what makes it special.

“Empowering and Inspirational!” (brigittewoo from Singapore)

I took the Bento cooking class, it was amazing. Yuca was so patient in teaching my friend & I how to cook japanese side dishes. You have to understanding, I have almost no cooking experience or even prior interest to cook. I went for this bento class as a time of bonding with my friend (who really wanted to learn japanese cooking). I was so inspired after the class. Yuca made cooking japanese dishes so simple and fun! I’ll definitely practise what Yuca taught us in Singapore!

The location was convenient, just a 15 min walk from Tabata station. But she was very kind, she met us at the station and paid for the taxi ride (5 min) to her place. She’s such a sweet lady. Her english is very good! She even has some of her unique recipes featured in a bilingual magazine (JPy magazine) published in Los Angeles! Formidable lady 🙂 So you’ll be in great hands!

“Clarification to Earlier Post “Great Experience” (jkmdds2017  from Hawaii, USA)

I recently sent in a review saying that the cost of the class was on the “higher side” and wanted to clarify what I meant. I wanted to let potential travelers know that this was a first class/five star class and not a cheap, quick and easy/bare minimum type of class.From YUCa herself, her home, her whole kitchen set up, to the actual food we prepared, truly awesome and an experience and memory we will remember forever.

Since my last post, several of us have already prepared the dishes we learned like the gyoza, green beans and simmered pork for ramen noodles. We are even waiting for our mortar and pestle bowls that we ordered online like the one we used at YUCa’s. This was one of the best parts of our trip. Thank you, YUCa!

“One of the best ways to spend a morning in Tokyo” (Travelleralways2 from Belgium)

We had a fantastic time. Yuca is a warm and funny and informative teacher. We made many dishes, all of them delicious and importantly with the step by step practical guidance, ones we can reproduce back home. It was just a fabulous way to spend some time in Tokyo; we were in a real Japanese home with a delightful woman who clearly loves what she does; in a great neighborhood off the beaten track. Following lunch Yuca took us to the supermarket so we could buy some of the items to take back home. Can’t recommend this activity highly enough. Must be an excellent family activity too.

“Delightful and comprehensive cooking class” (Michael S from Boston, USA)

YUCa’s class was wonderful. We started with a general description of Japanese style meals, with lots of hands-on experiences to see/smell mirin, sake, katsuobushi (which I had not seen in its whole form). We then made dashi (Japanese soup stock) by hand, made miso soup, a really delicious sweet ground sesame sauce for vegetables, Japanese rolled omelette, and the star of the show: tempura! I was introduced to the two types of ways to eat tempura, first with a ponzu sauce, second with just salt and perhaps some sansho. YUCa’s tour of the Japanese supermarket was also very nice, I immediately bought many of the ingredients she pointed out after our class, while they were fresh in my mind. It was fairly mind blowing to make tempura as good as I’ve had in restaurants, YUCa even indulged in my request to learn how to make kakiage tempura. This is pretty much the only way my two year old son will eat vegetables, and I’m very thankful for that. Thanks YUCa, for a wonderful class! I’m sure I’ll come for another one the next time I’m in Tokyo.

And many more reviews on TripAdvisor & Airbnb experience and Facebook! THANK YOU!!

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