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I loved Yuca’s online Japanese sweet making class, we made mochi ice cream and homemade ice cream. I would recommend this to anyone keen to explore Japanese food but they have been too afraid to try. Yuca is so friendly and patient and makes the steps simple and easy. She has a great set up so you can see her workspace and hands as you cook alongside her in your own home. Give Yuca’s classes a go it is so much fun! I can’t wait to impress my family and friends!
– Esme from New Zealand 

I followed several cooking classes by Yuca.
Last year an offline class in Tokyo. I learned how to make Matcha ice cream, Mochi ice and Matcha cake. After that we taste some Sake and we went to a Japanese market in Tokyo, that was really nice.
This year with corona, It was really nice to meet Yuca again and to cook together but now online.
I really find it a great opportunity to follow Yuca’s classes, because it is so fun and it even feels like you are (a bit) on holiday in Japan.
But besides it is fun, you really learned something about the Japanese cuisine, for example: Yuca learned me how to make Gyoza, rice burgers and a Health Japanese meal.
The ingredients for the recipes are easy to buy in an European supermarket, even with corona when a lot of products are not available in store.
And who doesn’t want to learn how to cook Japanese food in your own kitchen at home ! I think everyone. It is a great opportunity !
– Kristel from Belgium

We had a delightful time learning how to make Tsukemen soup on YUCa’s online course. She guided us through the entire process, taking the time to teach us new cooking techniques and how to improve old ones. If you’re interested in Japanese food, we would highly recommend taking her online cooking course. The meals are easy to make and they’re super tasty!
– Mike Kniec & Majella MacOscar from Ireland

We all had a fantastic time! We’ve been in lockdown since March, your cooking class really helped in feeling less isolated and was wonderful experience for the boys (I’m fortunate enough to have had a cooking lesson with you in person a couple of years ago!) You were absolutely brilliant in explaining everything and engaging all of us that even my seven year old could  participate in making mochi ice cream. My fourteen and seven year old sons enjoyed the session very much, we all agreed it was  great fun as well as the best tasting mochi ever! Looking forward to booking another class with you. Honestly, thank you ever so much.
– Shabana from UK

Yuca’s online class is what I’ve been looking for. As I miss traveling very much during this period, Yuca’s class helped me to experience “traveling”.
I was cooking with another lady who became a friend after the class.
Yuca is also very patience during the class when we (the students) might be slower than others.
The instructions are given clearly and more importantly, the meal tasted YUMMY!
What I love about Yuca’s recipe is that she uses quality ingredients which is very important for quality meals.
Thank you Yuca for opening the online classes.
If you love Japanese food, cultures and miss meeting people from all over the world, please sign up for Yuca’s online classes.
Good meal and happy soul! 🙂
– Katherine from Singapore
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