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About YUCa

YUCa – Home Cooking Chef / Recipe Creator
Coming from a family of farmers, she grew up consuming local grown food from northern part of Japan. Worked as a food writer in Toronto (CANADA) and New York (US), she came back to Tokyo and worked at a fermented food & vegetarian/vegan cuisine restaurant. Currently offers Japanese cooking classes mainly in Tokyo and teaches healthy cooking for guests from all over the world while creating more recipes.
A mother of son and two toy poodles.

YUCa – 家庭料理家


[Our mission]
~ Connect Japan and overseas countries through the Japanese Food & Lifestyle ~

The Best Cooking class & Workshop in Japan by International travelers 2018 (by TripAdvisor)
The Top3 Activity and tours in Japan by International travelers 2018 (by TripAdvisor)
Certificate of excellence 2018
Certificate of excellence 2016
Certificate of excellence 2015

[Our Credentials]
Certified Sushi Decorator
Food Education Specialist
Food Sanitation Supervisor
Superfood Advisor
Fermented Food Specialist
Sake Navigator

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Farby chute Vone (Slovakia)
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DASHI and SHOYU“, guest speaker
Lost in translation“, 🙂

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NHK World (Japan) etc

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