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    2-34-8, Nishiogu116-0011
    Aug 28(Sun) 10:00-12:30

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Japanese Kitchen Tools : Drop Lid

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In Japan, we use this drop Lid called “Otoshibuta” when we cook simmered or stir-fried dishes. People sometimes use wooden ones or cooking sheets, but I like this product because it can be easily adjusted to fit the size of my pots and pans. Regardless of its appearance, it is also easy to wash. It’s thin and small and it’s also convenient for storage.

◎ About this kitchen tool ◎
Otoshibuta (Otoshibuta) : 落とし蓋

Japanese Kitchen Tools : Miso Muddler

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When you are cooking, do you ever have a lot of things out on the cooking table and before you know it, they are all in a mess?

This is especially true when you are cooking something you don’t usually cook or when you are cooking a recipe for the first time. In such cases, I would like to recommend this cooking utensil.

I used to make miso soup with chopsticks in my right hand and a spoon in my left, and it took a long time to dissolve the miso. However, since I started using this miso muddler, I can cook with only one hand, and miso dissolves quickly in the broth, making the cooking time shorter. You can measure the larger one as 2 tablespoons and the smaller one as 1 tablespoon.

It is called a miso muddler, but it is useful not only for making miso soup, but also for making homemade dressing, mixing eggs, making pastries, and stirring little things. I really recommend this kitchen tool!

◎ About this kitchen tool ◎
Miso Muddler | 味噌マドラー

Japanese Kitchen Tools : Exhaust Port Cover

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I had given up on the idea that there was nothing structurally to do with the area around the grill’s ventilation openings. Then I found this exhaust port cover (vent cover), which hides the hole so that I don’t need to worry about some food getting into the hole while cooking or cleaning. What’s more, it’s sturdy enough not to dent no matter what you put on it, and height enough not to get in the way while cooking!

◎ About this kitchen tool ◎
Exhaust Port Cover | 排気口カバー
https://room.rakuten.co.jp/room_yjc/1700163967481505 (
*In Japanese)

Japanese Kitchen Tools : Freestanding Lid

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Have you ever had trouble finding a place to put a lid while cooking? Especially if you don’t have a place to stand it against a wall or something.

If your cooking table is small, you will run out of space just to put the lid on the table. And it gets dirty over a wide area, doesn’t it?

This freestanding lid can be placed quickly and easily, takes up little space, and is easy to clean because water droplets fall in one place. We use it in our cooking classes, and everyone is impressed. It makes cooking time more enjoyable and comfortable!

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