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Recipe : Gari(Sushi Pickled Ginger), Beni Shoga(Red Pickled Ginger) & Asazuke

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In this recipe video, I will make 3 easy and traditional Japanese pickles; Gari (Sushi Pickled Ginger), Beni Shoga (Red Pickled Ginger) and Asazuke (Lightly Pickled Vegetables). Aside with these Tsukemono, I’ll introduce traditional Japanese breakfast menus. If you are interested in learning more about Japanese pickles, please read this page

Ingredients (4 servings):

Beni Shoga (Red Pickled Ginger):
100g Ginger *fresh
70ml Plum vinegar
1 tsp Salt

Gari (Sushi Ginger):
100g Ginger
1 stick (3g) Kelp *dried
100ml Water
3 Tbsp Rice vinegar
2 Tbsp Sugar
2 pinch Salt

Asazuke (Vegetable Mix pickles):
1/8 size Chinese cabbage
20g Carrot
1/2 size Lemon
1 stick Kelp  *leftover from Gari
1 tsp Red chili
1/2 Tbsp Salt


Beni Shoga (Red Pickled Ginger):
1. Peel the skin of ginger. Then, thinly slice to make match stick sizes.
2. Put them in a container and pour the plum vinegar and salt. Lightly stir.
3. Put the lid and keep in the fridge. Done!

Gari (Sushi Ginger):
1. Peel the skin of ginger and thinly slice.
2. Put kelp and dashi in a pot and heat until the liquid becomes half reduced. Turn off the heat and cool it down.
3. Prepare hot water and boil ginger for about 2 minutes. When it gets soften, take out the ginger from the pot and sprinkle salt over it.
4. Take out the kelp from the dashi mixture and add sugar and rice vinegar. *Dissolve sugar if needed.
5. Squeeze the salted ginger in a hand and put in a container. Pour the marinade mixture over it. Then, keep in the fridge.

Asazuke (Vegetable Mix pickles):
1. Cut the Chinese cabbage into bite-size pieces. Cut the carrot into match stick sizes. Peel the skin of lemon and cut into small chunks. Thinly slice the kelp. *leftover from Gari
2. Put all the vegetables and kelp in a plastic bag. Then, add red chili and salt.
3. Massage them and keep in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes.

YUCa’s Tips:

1. If you cut the ginger thickly, boil it for long time.
2. Be patient and wait until the dashi would be half reduced.
3. Try other veggies in your fridge when making asazuke.

About Japanese Pickles :

Tsukemono (Japanese Pickles)

Memo :
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