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Bread Crust Recipes

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Since I created various Fruit Sandwich, I have so many leftover bread crusts in my kitchen. So, I would like to introduce some ideas of how to cook with bread crusts.

IDEA 1, Homemade croutons and snack

It’s really easy and simple. You can just cut the bread crusts into small pieces and toast them on the frying pan. I don’t add oil. Just stir occasionally until it gets brown color. Done! How about adding to the soup or salad ? (I made a potato soup for my children and they liked it!) It might be fun to add seasonings to eat like a snack. For example, I would experiment with butter, soy sauce, aonori (seaweed), curry powder for savory flavors. And for sweet flavors, I might choose Honey, cinnamon, Sugar, maple syrup, cacao powder etc.

IDEA 2: Toppings for ice cream

After making the homemade croutons, how about using them as a topping for ice cream? I made homemade matcha ice cream and sprinkled one for chocolate syrup, choco chip and croutons, and the other for kinako (dried soy bean powder), Kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) and croutons. The crunchy and crispy texture of croutons is really unique and also go well with matcha ice cream.

IDEA 3: Homemade rusk

This time, you can enjoy bread crusts as a rusk. Place bread crusts separately on a parchment paper and microwave 1 min. Then, coat with melted butter and microwave again until it gets crispy. At last, sprinkle sugar over it. Done!

IDEA 4: Daigaku Pan(?)

This is Daigaku Imo inspired sweets. Daigaku means “university” and Imo means “potato” in general. But I used bread (pan) crusts for this recipe. To make this, you can bust toast the bread crusts with using frying pan until brown color and caramelize with honey, soy sauce and black sesame same as making Daigaku Imo.


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