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Hatsuka Shogatsu

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In the olden days, it was customary for women who had been working hard for New Year’s housework to take a break from work as a celebration of the Hatsuka Shogatsu (20th of January). They went to their hometown to take a rest, or some came back from their hometown after the New Year holidays.

Depending on the region, New Year’s treats and rice cakes are eaten up until that day. This is the feeling of gratitude for the fruit of not leaving New Year’s food is also included.

So, I made a Ozoni. Ozoni is a Japanese traditional New Year’s soup and it’s made with mochi (rice cakes), veggies and sometimes seafood. Normally, people eat Ozoni on New Year’s day. But since I have small children who cannot eat mochi so I didn’t make Ozoni on that day this year.

Well, new year’s scene/mood is over! I have to start working or having a break?!

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