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Japanese kitchen ware

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“Sai-bashi” : Large chopsticks for cooking and serving food

“Take zaru” : Bamboo basket

“Suri-bachi” : Brinding bowl

“Kasu-age” : Mesh skimmer

“Tamago-yaki” : Special pan to make Japanese omelet

“O-bon” : Wooden tray

Yuka’s Table : vol.23

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夜ごはん: 今回の献立は・・・かやくごはん、きゅうりとかぶの塩麹漬け、豆腐とわかめと油揚げの味噌汁、野菜の炒めもの、チキンとセロリのサラダ。

Dinner: Kayaku Mixed Rice, Pickled Cucumber and Turnip with Shio-Koji, Tofu and Wakame Seaweed Miso Soup, Sauteed Vegetables and Chicken and Celery Salad.

Tokyo Cooking Class in English: “YUCa’s Japanese Cooking”

Cover Photo.jpg
Welcome to “YUCa’s Japanese Cooking”!
YJC is a Japanese home cooking class in TOKYO!
Let’s learn Easy, Simple and Delicious Japanese cooking!
The BEST souvenir from Tokyo, JAPAN!!

YJC Summary:
● Learn from healthy cooking chef / YouTuber
● Local Supermarket Tour
● Visit Tokyo modern style home/spacious Kitchen studio
● Perfect activity for foodies and cooking lovers
● Perfect for single, family and group travelers
● Fun and Informative Hunds-on class
●  Variety of courses of Japanese Home Cooking beyond Sushi and Tempura
●  Easy Access! Located in the center of Tokyo. Check the access page!
●  Sending email newsletter for more updates and tips! *After taking the class

What 5 STAR things we offer:
  • 1. Local Supermarket Tour
    One of our popular venues is a local supermarket tour! We’ll take you to the local supermarket after the class and explain the Japanese ingredients including seasonal vegetables and seasonings. We recommend you join our class at the early stage of your itinerary.
  • 2. EASY & SIMPLE Recipes and Techniques
    Most of the recipes are designed as easy & simple so that you can recreate at your home many times. (This is our mission!) You can also learn traditional Japanese cooking techniques in the class.
  • 3. Lecture about the introduction of Japanese cuisine
    We will have a small lecture about the introduction of Japanese cuisine.
    Not only the concept of Japanese cuisine but you will also learn table setting/manners etc.
    *All recipes/texts are written in English.
  • 0014. Home Visit & Local Atmosphere
    We’ll invite all our guests to our real home and show you the Japanese kitchen, equipment etc.
    You will see how we live here in Tokyo. Come and check it out!
    We are located in the center of Tokyo but you can also enjoy the local atmosphere (i.e. the last streetcar in Tokyo, Public bath, The amusement park which has the slowest roller coaster in Japan etc).
  • 5. Continuing Study of Japanese Cooking, Culture & Lifestyle
    For all the guests (who gave us your email address), we will send an email newsletter. This newsletter will help you to foster your interest and knowledge of Japanese cooking, culture and lifestyle. We sometimes do giveaways! Enjoy!


How to book the class?

Go to Class Schedule page and check if the class date is open.
Click your date and follow the instruction of “How to book” in the same page.
*If you want to try other class, go to All Classes page and fill the form to send your request to us.
*If you are a large group (more than 7 guests), please contact us from here.

Class photos:
Here are class photos from YUCa’s Japanese Cooking!

*Please also check those SNS for more current photos!
Facebook : YUCa’s Japanese Cooking
Instagram : YUCa’s Japanese Cooking

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