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About YUCa

YUCa – Home Cooking Chef / Recipe Creator / Author
Coming from a family of farmers, she grew up consuming local grown food from northern part of Japan. Worked as a food writer in Toronto (CANADA) and New York (US), she came back to Tokyo and worked at a fermented food & vegetarian/vegan cuisine restaurant. Currently offers Japanese cooking classes mainly in Tokyo and teaches healthy cooking for guests from all over the world while creating more recipes. Published the “YUCa’s Japanese Cooking ~The first cookbook by YUCa~” (only in English) in April, 2019. A mother of son and two toy poodles.

YUCa – 家庭料理家 / 著者
親戚に農家が多く、幼少の頃から東北地方の地産地消の食材を食べて育つ。2009年からはトロント(カナダ)とニューヨーク(アメリカ)でフードライターとして活躍。帰国後は発酵食・玄米菜食レストランで働きながら料理を独学。現在、YouTubeや海外メディアを中心にレシピ提供や日本文化を紹介する。東京のプライベートキッチンでは、日本家庭料理教室を主宰。2019年4月、初の料理本『YUCa’s Japanese Cooking ~The first cookbook by YUCa~』(英語版)を出版。1児・犬2匹の母でもある。
[Our mission]
~ Connect Japan and overseas countries through the Japanese Food & Lifestyle ~

[Our Credentials]
Certified Sushi Decorator
Food Education Specialist
Food Sanitation Supervisor
Superfood Advisor
Fermented Food Specialist
Sake Navigator

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Message from YUCa

Dear Cooking Lovers,

Thank you for visiting this site!
I am happy to know that you are interested in learning Japanese home cooking.

Have you ever thought that you would like to cook Japanese home meals at home ?
(You can do it with YUCa! )
You can experience HOME VISIT and COOK Japanese Home Meals here in Tokyo, JAPAN!

I started my cooking class to introduce Easy, Healthy and Delicious Japanese Home Meals.
When I was living in abroad, I found many Japanese restaurants didn’t serve the Japanese home meals that we eat here in Japan.

That’s how YJC was established!
YJC introduces Easy, Healthy and Delicious Japanese home meals that you can cook at your home many times.

We invite all of you to our private kitchen located in the center of Tokyo. Contact us anytime you want to learn or whenever you are hungry. It’s also easy access to major sightseeing spots. After the class, it’s time to discover what you learned in the class and enjoy more TOKYO & JAPAN!

Come and join us! You’ll definitely feel the Japanese lifestyle!
Looking forward to meeting many of you!!

Eat well & Have a lovely day!

Yuka’s Table : vol.22

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夜ごはん: 主人がいないときは混ぜごはんを食べるチャンス!(笑)ということで、この日の献立は・・・桜えびとレンコンの混ぜごはん、かぶと春菊の味噌汁、(妹がお土産に持ってきてくれた)えんがわの寿司、九州で購入するのを楽しみにしている辛子蓮根。それにしても、米が多い、米が・・・。
Dinner: When my husband is out of town, it’s good chance to eat mixed rice! So the dinner of the day is…Sakura Shrimp and Lotus Roots Mixed Rice, Turnip and Chrysanthemum Miso Soup, Engawa sushi of flatfish from my sister and Karashi-renkon (=LLotus roots in mustard ) from Kyushu region. Too much rice…oh oh….

Yuka’s Table : vol.21

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Dinner: I feel like eating “FISH”! So the dinner of the day is…chopped burdock root and carrot  cooked in sugar and soy sauce, sauteed string beans with black sesame, natto, Tatsuta deep frying of the sardine, braised pumpkin, sauteed garlic chive and bean sprouts, mix of white and brown rice, miso soup of long onion and turnip root. Yum-yum!

Yuka’s Table : vol.20

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夜ごはん: 主人のプレートをパチリ。(左利きなので、箸置きの位置も逆になっていますcoldsweats01) この日の献立は・・・白米と玄米の混合米、ネギとかぶの葉の味噌汁、定番のニラともやしの炒めもの、にんじんとごぼうのきんぴら、いわしの竜田揚げ、厚揚げと豚肉とピーマンの炒めもの、トマト、キムチ。

Dinner: I took a photo of my husband’s plate. He’s left handed so I put his chopstick rest on the other side. Well, the menus of the day…Mix of white and brown rice, miso soup of long onion and turnip root, sauteed garlic chive and bean sprouts, chopped burdock root and carrot cooked in sugar and soy sauce, Tatsuta deep frying of the sardine, sauteed green pepper, pork and deep-fried tofu, tomato and kimchi! 

Yuka’s Table : vol.19

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夜ごはん: シンプルな惣菜たちが並びましたー。かぶの葉と豆腐入り味噌汁、ごはん(この日は少なめにしました。笑)、肉じゃが、きんぴらごぼう、ふきと厚揚げの煮物、ピーマンと厚揚げと豚肉の炒めもの。
Dinner: Simple Japanese everyday dishes on the table—! Miso soup with turnips leaves and tofu, Mix of white rice and brown rice(I ate less than usual that day), Niku-jaga(=meat and potato stew), Kinpira gobo(=chopped burdock root and carrot cooked in sugar and soy sauce), stewed butterbur and deep-fried tofu, Sauteed green pepper, pork and deep-fried tofu. 

Yuka’s Table : vol.18

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朝ごはん: たまには朝ごはんを。バナナマフィンを手作りした翌朝のこと。かりっかりに焼いたソーセージ、サラダ(グリーンリーフやサニーレタスなどを他種類買ってきてミックスしています)、手作りドレッシング、キウィフルーツ。ドリンクはフルーツジュースとコーヒー。水分摂りすぎ!? 朝はこんなかんじです・・・。
Breakfast: Today, I will share you about my breakfast. This time, I baked some banana muffins the previous day. So…Banana muffin, Fried-out sausages, Salad ( usually mix various green leaves), Original dressing, Kiwi fruit. And…Fruit juice and coffee for drink. Do I drink too much!? Well, it’s our western-style breakfast. 

Yuka’s Table : vol.17

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夜ごはん: 白米と玄米の混合米、いんげんと油揚げと豆腐の味噌汁、焼鮭、ニラともやしの炒めもの、きんぴらごぼう、こんにゃくと細切りねぎの炒めもの、焼き油揚げのゆず味噌添え、かぼちゃの煮物、そして、キムチ。お気に入りは、焼き油揚げ。大豆の優しい味とサクサクっとした食感がクセになりますhappy01

Dinner: White and brown rice, Miso soup with kidney beans, deep-fried tofu and tofu, Grilled salmon, Sauteed bean sprouts and leeks, Chopped burdock root cooked in sugar and soy sauce, Sauteed konnyaku and green onion, Grilled deep-fried tofu with yuzu miso, Braised pumpkin and Kimchi.  My favorite is the Grilled deep-fried tofu. You can enjoy its soybean taste and crispy food texturehappy01

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