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Do you like Wagyu (Japanese beef)? I DO! Actually, I am not a big meat eater but I enjoy Gyu-don because I use good quality Japanese beef. As you see, the ingredients of this dish are beef and onion, it’s kinda fast food. Same as western style fast food shops, there are so many gyu-don shops here in Japan. For me, Gyu-don is a comfort and satisfying fast food. The cooking process of this dish is very simple, choose the good quality meat as much as possible and simmer until the sauce and the juice from onion absorb into the meat. To add extra flavor (and happiness!), I usually add soft-boiled or seasoned egg on top. If you are interested in making the seasoned egg, please check here. Enjoy Japanese cooking!

Ingredients (2 servings):

2 Bowls Japanese rice *Cooked rice
200g Japanese beef *Thinly sliced
½ (100g) Onion
¼ Ginger

1 Cup (200ml) Water
4 Tbsp (60ml) Soy sauce
¼ Cup  (50ml) Sake
¼ Cup (50ml) Mirin
3 Tbsp (45ml) Sugar

<Choice of Toppings>
Mitsuba(=Japanese parsley)
Pickled red ginger
Seasoned egg / Soft boiled egg
Shichimi-togarashi (=seven herbs)


1. Cut the onion into wedges. Thinly slice the ginger.

2. Place (A) in a pan and add onion and ginger with medium heat.

3. Add beef and separate them with using chopsticks. Bring to a boil and take out the scum.

4. Then, reduce the heat with medium-low flame and simmer for 20 minutes.

5. Place the beef and onion with the sauce on a bowl of rice. Garnish the toppings.

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