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Yuka’s Table : vol.37

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20140903_1.jpgIt’s getting cool weather here in Tokyo. You who have visited Tokyo in a summer season might know but we still have a HOT and HUMID day sometimes… 

And such a hot day, my husband and I tend to eat a cold SOBA. We prefer to eat SOBA rather than Udon. Because we put the SOBA noodle into the cold soup broth and we can eat quickly. (Plus, I will never be sweated!)

20140903_2.jpgWell, what is your favorite toppings?

My husband and I, we usually eat SOBA with various toppings. For example, “Myoga”(Japanese ginger), “White Sesame” (Shiro Goma), “Nori” (Seaweed), “Banno Negi” (Thin green spring onion shoot), “Shiso” (Japanese basil) and “Okura” (Okra) etc. Today, I found a yam in my fridge so I grated and in a small bowl and sprinkled the “Aosa Nori” (Dried sea lettuce) and sesame seeds.

Of course, you can eat the cold SOBA in the winter season but I prefer to eat cold SOBA on hot day! This cold SOBA always reminds me of great summer days in Japan!


Yuka’s Table : vol.36

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MENU: Kakiage Tempura, Mixed rice with green beans and steamed spinach.

When I find small or used vegetables, I always make a Kakiage Tempura. “Kakiage” means, “かき混ぜる Kakimazeru” (muddle, stir) + “揚げる Ageru” (fry) and you can use any vegetable and seafood. For Kakiage Tempura, it’s better to cut all the ingredients into small pieces or match stick sizes. 
And the tip is to enjoy the combination of the ingredients. For example, I like to combine CARROT + SWEET POTATO. I also like to combine with PUMPKINlovely Usually, I combine two of them or three for maximum. Because I believe that you can enjoy the flavor and texture of the ingredients a lot. If you use more ingredients, they will all be mixed together in your mouth…which might be OK for some people but I recommend not to do it! happy01

20140825_4.jpg My favorite way of eating Kakiage Tempura is to enjoy with salt. Sometimes I mix salt with another Japanese spices and serve. And it’s always nice to eat with green teajapaneseteasweat01! I feel that I can enjoy the flavors of each ingredients EVEN MORE! 

* In my cooking class, you can lean how to cook the Kakiage Tempura from the very beginning. For more detail, please check the “Home Party Crispy TEMPURA” course.

Yuka’s Table : vol.33

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Kayaku mixed rice, Miso soup, Octopus with vinegar sauce, Tofu salad, Pickles with Eggplant and Myoga(Japanese ginger). For dessert, Homemade coffee jelly and red bean paste.

Yuka’s Table : vol.25

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Dinner: 100% Brown rice, Vegetable Miso soup, Pickled vegetables, Sauteed asparagus with sesame sauce, Chicken and celery dressed with mayonnaise and Sauteed eggplant and onion with black vinegar. 

Yuka’s Table : vol.23

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夜ごはん: 今回の献立は・・・かやくごはん、きゅうりとかぶの塩麹漬け、豆腐とわかめと油揚げの味噌汁、野菜の炒めもの、チキンとセロリのサラダ。

Dinner: Kayaku Mixed Rice, Pickled Cucumber and Turnip with Shio-Koji, Tofu and Wakame Seaweed Miso Soup, Sauteed Vegetables and Chicken and Celery Salad.

Yuka’s Table : vol.21

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Dinner: I feel like eating “FISH”! So the dinner of the day is…chopped burdock root and carrot  cooked in sugar and soy sauce, sauteed string beans with black sesame, natto, Tatsuta deep frying of the sardine, braised pumpkin, sauteed garlic chive and bean sprouts, mix of white and brown rice, miso soup of long onion and turnip root. Yum-yum!

Yuka’s Table : vol.20

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夜ごはん: 主人のプレートをパチリ。(左利きなので、箸置きの位置も逆になっていますcoldsweats01) この日の献立は・・・白米と玄米の混合米、ネギとかぶの葉の味噌汁、定番のニラともやしの炒めもの、にんじんとごぼうのきんぴら、いわしの竜田揚げ、厚揚げと豚肉とピーマンの炒めもの、トマト、キムチ。

Dinner: I took a photo of my husband’s plate. He’s left handed so I put his chopstick rest on the other side. Well, the menus of the day…Mix of white and brown rice, miso soup of long onion and turnip root, sauteed garlic chive and bean sprouts, chopped burdock root and carrot cooked in sugar and soy sauce, Tatsuta deep frying of the sardine, sauteed green pepper, pork and deep-fried tofu, tomato and kimchi! 

Yuka’s Table : vol.17

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夜ごはん: 白米と玄米の混合米、いんげんと油揚げと豆腐の味噌汁、焼鮭、ニラともやしの炒めもの、きんぴらごぼう、こんにゃくと細切りねぎの炒めもの、焼き油揚げのゆず味噌添え、かぼちゃの煮物、そして、キムチ。お気に入りは、焼き油揚げ。大豆の優しい味とサクサクっとした食感がクセになりますhappy01

Dinner: White and brown rice, Miso soup with kidney beans, deep-fried tofu and tofu, Grilled salmon, Sauteed bean sprouts and leeks, Chopped burdock root cooked in sugar and soy sauce, Sauteed konnyaku and green onion, Grilled deep-fried tofu with yuzu miso, Braised pumpkin and Kimchi.  My favorite is the Grilled deep-fried tofu. You can enjoy its soybean taste and crispy food texturehappy01

Yuka’s Table : vol.16

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夜ごはん: 相変わらず黒プレートにハマっておりまして、おかずを盛り込みました。しいたけの塩麹ガーリック炒め、菜の花の辛子ガーリック炒め、ふきの煮物、こんにゃくの甘辛煮、菜の花のお浸し、いんげんのごま和え、そして、ご飯の代わりに豆腐のとろろ昆布のせ。豆腐自体の調理法は忘れてしまいました。すみません・・・。
Dinner: I get hooked on this black colored plate and enjoy dinner these days. And the menus of the day is…Sauteed shiitake mushrooms with Shio-koji and garlic, Sauteed Rape blossoms with garlic and pepper, cooked butterbur, Salty-sweet konnyaku, boiled rape blossoms, beans dressed with sesame sauce. And instead of eating rice, I cooked tofu with shredded kombu. By the way, I forgot how I cooked (seasoned) this tofu…sorry!
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