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Welcome to YUCa’s Japanese Cooking(YJC)!

Mayonnaise Dips (マヨディップ)

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In this recipe video, I will show you how to make Japanese-style Mayonnaise Dip. To add a Japanese twist, I use wasabi and shichimi (seven peppers). In addition, rock salt and sea salt are used as secret seasonings. Please check the proper use of those salts. Don’t forget to check out my three recommended tips. Enjoy this recipe video and give it a try!

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Tokyo Guide : Asagaya Pearl Center Shopping Street

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In this vlog, I’ll guide you Asagaya Pearl Center Shopping Street in Tokyo, Japan. To make it more fun, I set the budget of $ 20 and enjoy the local Japanese food and street food there! For more information about Asagaya area, please read the whole article from the link down below!
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YUCa’s Japanese Cooking Online Store on

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I opened my shop on*
In this shop, there are Japanese kitchenware and cooking tools that I recommend!
Please visit my online shop and take a look!

* YUCa’s Japanese Cooking is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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In this recipe video, I will show you how to make poterico. I did the live streaming at the Takeshita street in Harajuku. During the live streaming, I visit the Calbee+ that is a flagship store of Japanese snack company Calbee. In the store, I tasted their fresh product called Poterico. I promised to recreate this recipe so that everyone can cook and taste one of the popular Japanese snack at your home kitchen. Now, here you are!

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[Online Service] Virtual Cooking Class

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Welcome to YUCa’s Japanese Cooking – Virtual Cooking Class – !

This is a brand-new online service! In this live streaming cooking experience, you will connect with home cooking chef YUCa from her private kitchen in the centre of Tokyo, Japan. YUCa will be guiding you step by step to create popular Japanese foods in the comfort of your home kitchen! You can sign up to a class individually or why not sign up for the whole course at a great price!

Class & Menu:
1. Group class
*Fixed course
Tsukemen Soup class : Soymilk Tantan ramen
Seasonal Sushi class : Temaki zushi
Japanese Sweets class : Matcha roll cake & Red bean paste (Anko)
Family Cooking class : Okosama Lunch (Plate Lunch for Kids)
Okonomiyaki class : Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki
Gyoza class : Yaki-gyoza
Healthy Japanese Meals class : Grilled salmon with long onion and miso sauce(as main) etc.
Monthly Special class : Tonkotsu ramen soup (2 Days)
2. Private class
    If you have specific menus you would like to learn, please contact me.

Class Schedule:

Day : Mon, Fri, Sat and Sun
Time : 10:00am (JST), 13:00pm (JST), 19:30pm (JST)
* Please choose one class a day. Thank you for understanding!


One class – 5,000JPY (including VAT10%) per screen

*max 7 screens (up to two participants per screen)
**Monthly Special class is exceptional (Aug-Sep  2020).

Lesson voucher:
3 classes ticket – 13,500JPY (including VAT10%)   4,500JPY/class
6 classes ticket – 24,000JPY (including VAT10%)   4,000JPY/class
Whole course or 8 classes over couple of courses – 28,000JPY (including VAT10%)  3,500JPY/class

How to book:
1. Please visit our virtual class page and fill the request form down below. Then, push “Send your request” button.

2. We will send a reply with the link for the payment. If you do not receive a reply from us within two days, please resubmit your request again.

3. Once you book the class, you’ll receive a link of Google Meet and a full list of ingredients and utensils. Not to worry – we keep it simple, you probably already have all the things you need in your kitchen!

4. As we get closer to the big day, you’ll receive notes from us to help you to connect virtually on the day you book.

5. See you from the kitchen!

Reviews from virtual class guests: Please read here !

The schedule hours default to Japan Standard Time (JST)★.
Please pay attention to the day you sign up for in accordance with your time zone!

NOISIA2: 海外企業からの報酬を受け取る日は時差に注意?

Can’t you find a schedule for your time zones? Don’t worry!
Write to: or contact us. We can do our best to make it work together!

Tokyo Guide : Sequence Miyashita Park In Shibuya | Hotel Review

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In this vlog, I’ll introduce new hotel, The Sequence Miyashita Park which has just opened in Shibuya. This hotel connects to the Miyashita park, which redeveloped for almost 5 years and opened to public finally. My family and I visited there and had the relaxing time in NEW Shibuya. Enjoy this vlog and current Shibuya scene!

Baby Food In Japan (7-8 Months) Vol.2 | Protein Recipe

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In this recipe video, I will introduce how to make the Japanese baby food for 7 to 8 months old baby. This time, I will show you quick and easy protein recipes with using various type of tofu and canned tuna. To make Japanese style baby food, I believe that starchy dashi is really important. I hope this recipe video will help you, especially when you are busy. Enjoy watching this video and try it out!
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Tokyo Guide : Please Help Akiba Fukurou

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In this vlog, I introduce one of the popular touristy spots in Tokyo. This owl cafe called the Akiba Fukurou has been offering unique and the only experience for long time and currently been chosen as the BEST touristy spot in Japan by TripAdvisor. However, Akiba Fukurou is having a hard time due to the corona situation now. I visited the Akiba Fukurou recently and interviewed the owner. Please check this video to know what’s happening for 36 owls at Akiba Fukurou and help them!

Crowdfunding site : *Only for Japan user. They will have another crowdfunding service for oversea

Akiba Fukurou YouTube channel :

Akiba Fukurou Website :

Japanese Tartar Sauce (+ Fried Shrimp)

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In this recipe video, I will show you how to make Tartar sauce. I understand that the Tartar sauce is not Japanese food but I remember that many of my cooking class guests said that Tartar sauce in Japan is a bit different from other countries and  delicious! During this video, I introduce my family recipe and also introduce how to make the Ebi Furai (Fried shrimp). Don’t forget to check out the three tips that I recommend. Enjoy this recipe video and please try it out!

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Tokyo Guide : MUJI Hotel Ginza Vol.2 | Japanese breakfast

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In this vlog, I’ll introduce Japanese-style breakfast and unique vending machine at the MUJI Hotel Ginza. Plus, I will take you to the MUJI GINZA, the MUJI’s world flagship Store in Ginza and review their popular Japanese retort curry products! What do you guess the NO.1 popular MUJI’s curry products among Japanese people?

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