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Setsubun 2020

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On the 3rd of February, we have the day of “Setsubun” (seasonal division) in Japan.
Setsubun has been an important time-honored rite to welcome the New Year by banishing evils and keep the house from calamity.
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New Recipe App launch!

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I have a exciting news today! Guess what? (Some of you might noticed from the title! )
Enjoy this video! YUCa

Okuizome (First meal) day!

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“Okuizome” (first meal) is the Japanese traditional ritual that parents perform around the 100th day after the birth of their baby along with their family and relatives (sometimes friends, too) to wish the baby will never starve by sharing a celebratory meal.

The celebratory meal is in the traditional “one soup and three dishes (一汁三菜)” style and generally consists of Osekihan (rice cooked with red beans), whole grilled fish such as snapper, soup, Nimono (simmered food), and pickles, which are eaten with celebratory chopsticks made of willow.

We prepared Osekihan, Chikuzen-ni (simmered vegetables & chicken), Miso soup with shijimi, Simmered snapper, Pickled plum.

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YUCa’s Japanese Cooking on COOL JAPAN (NHKBS1)

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YUCa’s Japanese Cooking will be featured on the Japanese TV show “COOL JAPAN” (NHK BS1 channel).

On their new year’s special program, they will feature 25 news and cool activities in Japan and rank them and discuss its secrets. (Oh no!!! I feel excited and also nervous…50:50) .

If you are/will be in Japan, check out this program on the 1st of January, 2020 from 22:00! [Japan time]
Don’t miss it!!!

Morning on Christmas day

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Santa came to our house with presents & letter!
My son put the handmade little door on the window so that Santa can enter. Good job!
That’s why Santa could enter our house…Maybe?

Merry Christmas, everyone!🎄✨

Testing Christmas cake for Mario and Luigi

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Testing to make Christmas cake for Mario and Luigi. Which one do you like?

Time to enjoy YUZU !

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Seasonal fruits YUZU has arrived!
Yuzu is a Japanese citrus that tastes between lemon and orange.
Well…What shall we make?

Autumn leaves at the Rikugien garden

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Visited Rikugien to see autumn leaves.
Rikugien Garden is a traditional Japanese garden and Tokyo metropolitan park in Bunkyo-ku (one of the 23rd districts in Tokyo). The name of Rikugien means Garden is Six Principles of Poetry. This garden was specified as a special place of scenic beauty by the Japanese government in 1953.
This place is the closest from my house, so my family and I love to go there some times. We brought onigiri from home and enjoyed lunch time there.

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