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Omiyamairi (First time to visit local shrine)

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First time to visit local shrine with Sui.
One month later after the baby’s birth, parents and grand parents all go to the shrine in Japan.
It is called the “Omiyamairi”.

Omiyamairi literally means “a visit to a shrine.” Omiyamairi is a Shinto ritual similar to the Christian baptism ceremony. It occurs when the baby is about one month old. Some parents choose to visit the famous shrine which is normally a bit far, but my family chose our local shrine.

During this event, babies usually wear a special white clothes for the ceremony, and have a special kimono draped over them. As the baby’s grandparents hold them, the priest presents the news of the birth to the guardian spirit of the shrine, and offers thanks. He then asks the spirit to protect the baby and keep them healthy.

These days, mothers also hold babies and take a picture as for memory. I could take photos of two kinds kimono. So happy to meet our parents from Fukushima and Fukuoka. One of the memorial day!

Filming day!

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Crews from my favorite TV show came to YUCa’s Japanese Cooking!
I wanted to be featured in this TV program someday so I was sooo surprised and also happy when the director contacted me. For more detail, I will announce later. Probably, early next year!

Calligraphy time!

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Calligraphy time! I wrote Sui’s name on a special paper to follow one of the Japanese tradition.

In Japan, parents usually decide their newborn’s name until the 7th day after the birth. Because most of the parents used to invite their family and relatives and hold special dinner gathering/party. At this event, parents announce their baby’s name for the first time and put the paper with their baby’s name on the wall to show everyone.

Nowadays, parents and their family (including relatives) live apart because of lifestyle and also for work situation. So, it’s not so easy to coordinate this gathering after the child birth. Modern parents usually celebrate this event only for themselves these days. Same as this situation, my husband and I had casual lunch with my parents on the day I came back home from hospital. Then, I went asleep to get recovered soon…zzz
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A week after the child birth and my birthday

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Hi, everyone!
A week passed since I gave birth my baby girl.
(Oh, around same time last week, I was giving birth at the hospital. wow!)
Because of typhoon, my father couldn’t come to Tokyo for a few days.
But finally, both of my parents could meet the baby at the hospital.

I came back home now with my baby and rest a lot to recover well.
My son takes good care of his younger sister.
He seems growing up suddenly and gaining strong responsibility everyday.

And…yesterday (October 17th) was my birthday! Actually, I was thinking that it would be funny if my baby be born on the same birth day as mine. She was a bit early to be born(2 weeks before the due date!) but I am pretty sure that we will celebrate our birthdays together on the same day in the near future ! We are now October-born gals. hahaha

Hospital foods in Japan

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Hi, everyone!!! Thank you for warm messages and likes!!! 3 days passed after my delivery. I feel good and recovering so fast surprisingly. My baby has huge appetite and sleeps loooong. Today, I want to introduce a little bit about hospital life in Japan.

In Japan, mamas stay at the hospital for 5 or 7 days. It depends on the hospital’s regulations. But if you’re multipara who had natural birth, you stay at the hospital for 5 days. While staying at the hospital, they offer various lectures and programs; how to take care of baby (eating and bathing etc), how to spend at home. My hospital offers extra service including celebration dinner and aroma massage!!!

I personally enjoy the hospital food. Mainly, they serve traditional Japanese cuisine. But it includes the Chinese food and French food. I learn a lot while staying here. What is plus, they even serve snacks around 15:00PM.
Are you interested in hospital food in Japan? I created special section on my Instagram story (https://www.instagram.com/yucasjapanesecooking/). Please check it out!

Welcome to the world!

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My baby was born on the 11th of October.
She is 2,598g (weight) and 47.5cm (hight). Healthy little baby girl.
Everything was quick! She was born 11 days earlier from the due date. And it took only 2.5 hours to deliver her!
My husband stayed with me in the same birth room and cheered me up the whole time. Supportive!
I feel deep love and calm at the moment…

10 months pregnant!

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10 months pregnant !
The baby is very active…Kicking my belly so hard and stretches so dynamically.
My son was born 10 days earlier last time so I think I need to prepare for this baby born very soon?!
Do you think this baby is boy or girl ?
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Special bento box for sports festival

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Happy Saturday! 🌞 Another big typhoon No.18 didn’t hit Tokyo this time, so sports festival called “Undou-kai” was held at my son’s kindergarten today.

Usually, Japanese moms wake up earlier (than usual) and prepare special lunch box packed with their kids’ favorite foods. Since this was my first time to prepare this lunch box, I cooked these easy finger foods that my son likes; Inari-zushi, potato croquette, roll sushi with natto (fermented soybeans) and Karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken). I also put fruit jelly, steamed veggie, cheese and caramelized sweet potato as side dishes. 😋

Visiting the Nedu/Nezu shrine

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Visited Nedu/Nezu shrine with TAIYAKI !
My father was visiting this week so we went to the local shrine called the Nedu/Nezu shrine.
The shrine was so beautiful for scenery. There are Japanese garden, pond with carps and turtles and red color torii gates! ⛩ Highly recommend!

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Peach time!

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Homemade peach roll cake with using 3 different peaches 🍑😋

I love peaches!

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