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Tofu Croquette

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Since my son doesn’t eager to eat vegetables, I always try to create/arrange new recipes for him.
The other day, I introduced this croquette on my Instagram’s story video and some of my followers are interested in this recipe. So, I decided to share today!
This is arranged version of croquette recipe with various vegetables inside. I use tofu and ground chicken to add some protein this time but you can also add cheese, tempe etc. As for coating, I used Japanese dry baked wheat gluten. You can use normal Panko (bread crumbs) of course.
Please try it out!

Ingredients (10 balls):

200g ground chicken
1/2 Silken tofu *Firm tofu is also ok!
1/2 Onion
2 Potatoes
2 stems Broccoli
1 Green pepper
Salt & Pepper, to your taste

For frying:
1 Egg
Japanese dry baked wheat gluten, as needed *Panko (bread crumbs) is also ok!
Flour, as needed
Vegetable oil/Canola oil


1. Wrap the tofu with kitchen paper and strain its water for about 15 – 30 minutes.
2. Steam potatoes and broccoli in a steamer. When it becomes soft, mush potatoes and chop broccoli very well.
3. Chop green pepper and onion into small pieces.
4. Stir-fry ground chicken, green pepper and onion in a pan with medium heat. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Put all the ingredients (tofu, mushed potato, broccoli, seasoned chicken and vegetables) in a bowl and mix them all together with using hand. Then, make 10 balls.
6. Put Japanese dry baked wheat gluten in a food processor and make them small chunks.
7. Coat each balls with flour, egg, then Japanese dry baked wheat gluten.
8. Fry them with 180c until it becomes golden brown color.

Delicious as it is!

Memo :
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