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Japanese Baby and Child Celebrations

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Fifth Month of Pregnancy :
Obi-Iwai (Obi-tying ceremony)

After labor & delivery:
Hospitalization for 5 to 7 days

7th day after birth:
Meimei Shiki (Naming ceremony)
Oshichiya (The 7th night after birth)

14th day after birth:
Birth registration

1 month after birth:
Omiya-mairi (Visit to the shrine)

3 months after birth (100 days after birth):
Okuizome (Weaning ceremony)

5 months after birth (150 days after birth):
Weaning begins

First festival after birth:
First New Year’s Day
First Doll’s Festival (3/3 for girls, 5/5 for boys)

First birthday:
Aruki iwai (Celebration of walking)
Tanjou mochi/Chikara mochi/Tachi mochi

Age 3:
Shichi-Go-San (3 years old-girl)

Age 4:
Entrance ceremony (also for 3 year olds)

Age 5:
Shichi-Go-San (for 5 year old boys)

Age 6:
Graduation ceremony
Entrance ceremony

Age 7:
Shichi-Go-San (7-year-old girl)

Age 12:
Graduation ceremony

Age 13:
Jusan mairi (13-year-old girl)

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