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Omiyamairi (First time to visit local shrine)

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First time to visit local shrine with Sui.
One month later after the baby’s birth, parents and grand parents all go to the shrine in Japan.
It is called the “Omiyamairi”.

Omiyamairi literally means “a visit to a shrine.” Omiyamairi is a Shinto ritual similar to the Christian baptism ceremony. It occurs when the baby is about one month old. Some parents choose to visit the famous shrine which is normally a bit far, but my family chose our local shrine.

During this event, babies usually wear a special white clothes for the ceremony, and have a special kimono draped over them. As the baby’s grandparents hold them, the priest presents the news of the birth to the guardian spirit of the shrine, and offers thanks. He then asks the spirit to protect the baby and keep them healthy.

These days, mothers also hold babies and take a picture as for memory. I could take photos of two kinds kimono. So happy to meet our parents from Fukushima and Fukuoka. One of the memorial day!

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