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Japanese tradition for 1 year old baby : Erabitori

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My daughter Sui-chan became 1 year old! 

One year passed so fast. My husband and I always talk and laugh a lot about her birth day last year. That day, I had an initial labor pain mid night (around 1am!), but I was trying to forget it because it was two weeks before the scheduled date. So I went asleep until 6am. I was convinced that my daughter would be born today, so I hurriedly started editing my YouTube (It was a Yakisoba recipe video!) until the taxi arrives at 9am. Then, after eating delicious lunch at the hospital, I gave birth Sui-chan within 1 hour! What a busy and funny birth day!!!  It was and would be a memorable day forever!

At Sui-chan’s 1st birthday, my family and I did Japan’s traditional fortune game called “erabitori”. We put several items on the floor and wait until Sui-chan picks up the first item.

Those items are…
– Globe (we didn’t have balloon in the house 😅)
– Measure
– Mirror and comb
– Book (we didn’t have dictionary in the house 😅)
– Spoon and chopsticks
– Pen and brush
– Money
– Scissors
– Calculator
– Telephone

Guess what Sui-chan chose!  


So, she choose the calculator at first. Then, quickly picked up brush, then touched a globe.
I was surprised because my son choose the calculator first when he was 1 year old 😲

Those are the meanings of each items :
– Globe/Balloon → will be a global citizen
– Measure → will be a precisely person/ will build a big house
– Mirror and comb → will have a good sense / will be good in fashion
– Book/Dictionary → will be excellent in study / will be a walking dictionary
– Spoon and chopsticks → no need to worry about the lack of food / will be a chef
– Pen and brush → will be good at art, writer / will be a scientist
– Money → will be a rich person / no need to worry about money
– Scissors → will be good at creating things / will have lots of clothes
– Calculator → will be good in business / will be good at calculation
– Telephone → will be good at communication

According to this meaning, Sui-chan will be a global citizen with ability of good at art/writing and business. 
Wow, I cannot imagine what she would be. But, as a mother, I want to be there and always support her as much as she needs.

Memo :
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