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LEGO Discovery & Poteriko @ Odaiba

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The other day, I went to the odaiba area with my family.
Odaiba is famous for shopping malls, amusement parks and artificial beaches.

The main purpose to visit the area was to bring our son to the LEGO Discovery center.
We could see many Tokyo’s iconic architectures made by LEGO. It was amazing!
It seemed that my son was enjoying watching them. 

This is the Ryogoku Kokugikan (SUMO wrestling place) made by LEGO! COOL!!

020 (12)
There was an athletic place, LEGO building classes and ride in the area.
My son is a bit small to experience those activities but he enjoyed playing with LEGO Duplo at the play area.

021 (5)
After that, we went to the Calbee flagship shop called “Calbee PLUS”!

023 (3)
Calbee is the name of Japanese confectionery company that produces popular snack “Jagariko”.
Jagariko has been sold more than 20 years and it is surely the primary product for the company.
Jagariko is made of potato and its texture and flavors are so unique. My husband and I love it!

023 (1)
Since this is a flagship shop, you can taste their special menu.
One of the special menu is “Poteriko” and (I think) it is a fresh version of Jagariko.

023 (4)
There is a kitchen near the entrance so that you can enjoy watching how to make Poteriko.
Don’t forget to go to the  Calbeer’s anntena shop and try the special snack!

To see all photos about Odaiba area, please check YJC Facebook page

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