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Welcome to the world of Japanese kitchenware!
This time, I’ll introduce “Suri-bachi” & “Suri-bou”.
“Suri” means to grind, “Bachi” means the bowl and “Bou” means the stick.

This may be a Japanese version Mortar and Pestle!
The differences are that Suri-bachi is earthenware bowl which has ridges on the surface.  This is also handy so that you can grind the ingredients easily and quickly.

Suri-bou is usually made of wood. You can also find the fancy version of Suri-bou but I like what I use now because I use this suri-bou for baking as well! 

Other than sesame seeds, I grind other ingredients to make paste. For example, small fish, Daikon radish, Carrot, Taro, Pumpkin, Rice etc…so many!


Nowadays, I make the Japanese style babyfood for my son so I also use smaller size of “Suri-bachi”. So convenient!

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