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Meal prep of this week!

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Hello, everyone! Thank you for always visiting YJC website!

The 2nd week of August has started!
We have a hot and humid day everyday here in Tokyo and I always feel lazy to go outside of the house!
In Japan, the Obon festival will start from 13th until 16th.
Those period, family and relatives usually gather, have meals together and pray for the ancestors.

Here is this week’s meal prep collection!! Have a nice and healthy week, everyone!!


– Fried vegetables marinated with sour sweet sauce
– Sauteed white bean sprout topped with sesame seeds
– Sauteed mushrooms with olive oil and garlic
– Sauteed Konnyaku with bonito flakes
– Pickled mini tomato and yellow paprika
– Stir-fried Hiijki with yellow paprika and fried tofu
– Pickled cabbage with salted kelp
– Okura and natto salad
– Boiled broccoli and salted kelp
– Seasoned minced pork with soy sauce, mirin, sake and miso
– Marinated chicken with teriyaki sauce
– Fried gyoza
– Seasoned boiled egg

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