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Galette @ Kagurazaka

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My son and I visited one of the cool spot called “Kagurazaka” area last week.

To visit Kagurazaka area, you can either take off at the Iidabashi station (JR line) or Kagurazaka station (subway).

I personally think that this area is well-balanced to enjoy both modern and classical Tokyo. You can see tall new buildings and traditional Japanese houses there. Also, there are several “good” private schools so you’ll easily find Japanese children wearing school uniform and wearing hat near the Iidabashi station.

Especially, Kagurazaka area is also famous for “premium” Japanese style restaurants. Many politicians, lawyers and executives often visit those restaurants to have business or important meetings while eating food. Those restaurants are located the off-street and open at late afternoon. It’s also nice to walk backstreets and enjoy the atmosphere of the area.

Another characteristics in the area is that there are several French related organizations and institutes in the Kagurazaka area so the area is also famous for French food, like cafes, boulangeries and restaurants.

So, we visited one of my favorite galette cafe in the area and had savory and sweet galette. (I also had cidre!!!) It was like a feast! It was the first time for my son to eat galette. It seemed that he liked it. Good!



When you come to Tokyo, please don’t forget to try either galette or special meal at Ryotei (Japanese style restaurant). You would try maybe both?!

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