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Meal prep of this week!

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Hello, everyone!  Thank you for always visiting YJC website!

How was your days last week?
I was wrapped around the sudden weather changes almost everyday.
But my parents were visiting my family so we almost stayed inside and had fun time.
The weather forecast says this Thursday will be the end of rainy season in Tokyo.
Yes, Summer season is about to come! (Finally!!)

Here is this week’s meal prep collection!! Have a nice and healthy week, everyone!!


– Seasoned boiled egg
– Sauteed burdock and carrot
– Sauteed white bean sprout and chinese chive
– Japanese style hamburger
– Boiled carrot
– Marinated pork with curry based sauce
– Marinated chicken with olive oil based sauce
– Sauteed Konnyaku with bonito flakes
– Stir-fried Hiijki and paprika
– Marinated shiitake mushrooms
– Steamed pumpkin and raisin
– Komatsuna leaves and almond salad
– Stir-fried lotus root with balsamic vinegar and honey sauce
– Marinated mini tomato with cottage cheese and paprika

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