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Gunkan Curry & Yokosuka Burger @ Yokosuka

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I went to the Yokosuka with my parents and my son the other day.
Yokosuka is located in the Kanagawa prefecture, which is next to Tokyo.
It takes about less than 2 hours from Tokyo to there.

The area is famous for port and the United States Navy.
A lot of people from abroad (especially from USA) live there so you can see various cuisine restaurants.

The main purpose to visit Yokosuka was going to the “Sarushima island” (Monkey Island).
Sarushima is the only natural island in Tokyo bay and once was also used as a military fort.

Before visiting the island, we got hungry (of course!) so we visited the Yokosuka Port Market to have Lunch!
We tasted the famous food, “Yokosuka Burger” and “Gunkan curry”! And I had healthy pizza!!

After having lunch, we walked around the market that carries seasonal goods collected from Miura Peninsula and Yokosuka. (Wooo, the ice cream was delicious!)

Then, we moved to the Mikasa Pier where the Sarushima Cruise arrives and departs.

Arriving at the Sarushima island, we walked and walked a lot. It was a nice walk to enjoy the nature and see historical structures! I am sure I want to visit there again to do BBQ or Fishing with friends!

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Cut passage (Fortress site)

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