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Welcome to the world of Japanese kitchenware!

This time, I’ll introduce “Seiro”.
“Seiro” is one of the “Mushiki” (“Mushi” means to steam, “ki” means “utensil”).
Seiro is the utensil to steam food and is usually made of bamboo.

I like steamed dish because it is good for digestion. And steaming cleanses the raw smell, it can cook in a short period of time and it moderates astringency.
What is more, I feel more delicious! So, I steam many food in my daily life.

What is more! When displaying on the table, it becomes special atmosphere quickly!
Nowadays, I even use mushi-ki to make Japanese style babyfood for my son! I love this tool!!

One of my favorite steamed food is “Chawan-mushi”! It has egg, fish cake, mitsuba leaves, mushrooms, shrimp and gingko nuts! Yummy!!

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