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Japanese superfood : Amazake *Non-alcohol

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This is Rice mold called “Koji”, one of the important and secret ingredient for making basic Japanese seasonings like Soy sauce, Miso, Sake, Rice vinegar and Mirin.

With using this Koji, I often make “Amazake”. It is named as Sake which means rice wine, but it doesn’t contain any alcohol. 😉 The ingredients are rice mold called “Koji” and rice porridge. That’s it! So, small kid like my son can drink. (Actually, he likes this!)

To make Amazake, I make rice porridge first. Then, add the Koji and stir well.

It tastes sweet because of the natural sweetness from the fermentation of rice and Koji. What is more, Amazake is Japanese superfood!
*There is another Amazake which contains small percentage of alcohol. This is made of sake lees and sugar. Be careful!

After that, put this aside for 6 hours keeping around 60 degrees. I usually stir occasionally every 1 or 2 hours. And it’s done! Easy? I think so!

200g Koji
Rice porridge made of 0.5 cup Japanese rice

In Edo period, Amazake used to be the popular drink especially in summer time. Amazake can prevent the heat from the strong sunshine and heal the body. In this cold season, I drink hot Amazake in the morning! It makes me awake all the time. I LOVE THIS!

I did experiment the other day and made the pumpkin Amazake! 🎃 It turned to be the special drink at night!!

For watching video tutorial, please check here!

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