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Plum picking at Inoue umeboshi shokuhin company

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After tasting soft-serve ice cream, we visited one of the famous plum production the Inouse umeboshi shokuhin company and experienced the plum picking for the first time! It was the best timing to pick plums. The area was filled with aroma from plum trees. We all loved it! They put blue color cloth net to gather fallen plums. So clever!!! During this research trip, interesting thing happened. Guess what? The day (June 6th) that we visited plum production was a Plum’s day! It was totally coincidence!!! (We even didn’t know there is a plum’s day in Japan ) Just…WOW!!!  To see more photo about plum picking and what I got from their special shop…

Beautiful Plums !!!

These are the king of the plums called “Nanko-ume”.

I just loved in a green peaceful place…

Thank you for the guide, Hanamura-san!

At their shop, I bought various plum products. Excited to try them all!

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