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Taste Japanese style course menu for dinner

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The first night, my family stayed at the historical hotel and had the Japanese course menu for dinner 🍴
Since we stayed at this hotel with my small son so they took us to the private room which was so kind and generous. My family enjoyed the atmosphere, Japanese ceramics and, of course, their artistic and creative dishes! I especially enjoyed the decorative food techniques, jelly type dashi, Octopus and winter melon dish and etc. Oh, the texture of warabi mochi was amazing!!!

Course menu for dinner.

Ship shape napkin and Plum sake

Sashimi and jelly type Dashi

Shrimp with green beans flavor tofu

Simmered octopus and winter melon

Well decorated Sashimi

Lobster, Scallop and grilled fish

Miso soup, Rice and side dishes.

Local Japanese ceramic in Ise area. It has steamed rice inside.

Sake flavor jelly, Warabi mochi and pine apples.

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