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Japanese breakfast at Toba Hotel International

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I usually eat a lot of breakfast  I also make it a rule to have small portion dishes a lot. So, a buffet style breakfast is always perfect and the BEST for me!  At this hotel, my family and I enjoyed small portion fusion dishes for breakfast. We loved their pancake, french toast (By the way, chef cooks in front of you!) and bisque of shrimp . Oops! They are not Japanese food!  Maybe we wanted something different!

Oh, let me introduce about the hotel we stayed. We stayed at the Toba Kokusai Hotel (Toba hotel international). I found some old photos that Japanese emperors and their family stayed this hotel.  The size of the room, the view from there, special pearl hot spring, hospitality of the staffs and the most important part “food”! Everything was great and we loved it!  My son still keeps saying the number of the room we stayed. It seems he liked it, too! We would definitely go back and stay at this hotel again. Highly recommend!!!

Ocean view!

Toba Bay area is famous for pearls

Could you find pearls for me?

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