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Biwa (Loquat) time has come

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Time to eat the loquat called “Biwa” in Japanese! Thanks to the technology, you can buy most of the fruits all year around here in Japan. But there are some fruits that you can only taste during certain period of the year. And this Biwa is one of them! So, I feel something special for these kind of seasonal fruits.

I made Japanese sweets called “Yokan”. We usually use red bean paste to make Yokan but I found white bean paste in my fridge so I created this sweets!
After mixing water, agar agar and white bean paste to make the 1st layer, I chopped Biwa into small pieces and seasoned with sugar and lemon juice. While marinating it, I prepare another mixture of water, sugar and agar agar. Added Biwa in it and pour the whole mixture on the 1st layer. Move to the fridge to set for an hour! YUMMY

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