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Recipe : Tuna Mayo Onigiri

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Onigiri is a Japanese rice balls with various fillings inside. There are a variety of ingredients such as pickled plums and bonito-flavored bonito, but the tuna mayo flavor is especially popular among both children and adults. You can easily buy it at convenience stores or supermarkets, but if you have canned tuna and mayonnaise, you can easily make it at home with a difference!

Ingredients (4 rice balls):

400g (100gx4)  Japanese rice *steamed
1 (70g) Canned tuna
1 Tbsp (15ml)  Mayonnaise
1 tsp (5ml)  Soy sauce
4 Sheet  Nori seaweed
Salt, as needed
Water, as needed


1. Open and take out the excess oil from the canned tuna. Then, put in a bowl.
2. Add mayonnaise and soy sauce. Mix all of them.

3. Prepare cooked rice, water and salt in separate bowls.
4. Wet your palms and put a certain amount of rice on the palm. Then, make a shallow hole in the middle.
5. Put tuna mayo in a hole and add excess rice to cover the tuna mayo.

6. With using both hands, roll and form the onigiri to make triangle shape.

7. Put some salt on the palm, put it on every sides of onigiri and cover with nori seaweed.

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YUCa’s Tips:

1. Take out the excess oil from the canned tuna.
2. Ratio of Mayonnaise and soy sauce is 3 : 1 !
3. Warm the nori seaweed over a fire if it’s humid.
4. Save a little tuna mayo for toppings!

More about Onigiri:

Onigiri (Rice Balls)

Note :
This recipe was first submitted in Nov 18th, 2020 and resubmitted in Aug 28th, 2023 to reflect recipe revisions and additional photos.

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