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Strawberry Sponge Cake

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So many of my cooking class guests ask me what famous Japanese sweets are. There are so many Japanese sweets here in Japan, but I think Strawberry Sponge Cake (what we call “Short-cake”) is iconic one. Obviously, it is well influenced by western culture but the texture of sponge cake and the whip cream is SO JAPANESE! Some of you may agree with me. In this video, I will introduce how to make Strawberry Sponge Cake. I usually bake this cake on my family members’ birthdays. Please try it out!

Ingredients (15cm x 15cm whole cake):

3 Eggs
60g Sugar
60g Flour *Plain flour
20g Butter
200ml Fresh cream
10g Sugar

3 Tbsp (45ml) Fruit syrup *Confiture is also ok!
1 pack Strawberry


1. Put flour into the bowl and shift.

2. Separate egg yolk and egg white into bowls.

3. Add sugar to the egg white separately into 3 times. Mix well to make a meringue.

4. Add egg yolk into the meringue. Lightly mix them.

5. Add flour and stir the mixture little by little until smooth.

6. Add butter and stir the mixture little by little until smooth.

7. Prepare a round shape cake pan. Pour the dough into the cake pan.
Move to the oven and bake for 28 minutes (600W).

8. Mix sugar with fresh cream until 60% set.
Take out 1/3 of whip cream and put in the fridge (to use later).
Mix rest of whip cream until 100% set.

9. Cut each strawberries into 4 slices.

10. After baking the cake, cool it down for a while.
      Take out sponge cake from cake pan and slice the cake horizontally in half.

11. Spread the fruit jam on the surface and spread the whip cream.
Decorate strawberries on whip cream.

12. Pile up the other half of sponge cake. Put rest of cream and coat with cake.
Take 60% set whip cream from fridge and coat with cake. Decorate the cake with strawberries.


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