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Soup Curry

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In this recipe video, I will introduce how to make Soup Curry. Soup curry is one of Japan’s curry dishes. It became popular in Sapporo in the 2000s and has since spread nationwide. This curry is a soup, so it can be eaten quickly and easily during the summer months. This is a great recipe not only for Japanese curry lovers, but also for those who want to store plenty of nutrients with the power of spices and vegetables, or for those who want to get rid of summer fatigue.

Ingredients (2 servings):

2 Potato
1 Carrot
4 stick Chicken
4 Sweet corn
1/4 Onion
1/2 Paprika
2 stick Asparagus
2 Tbsp Canola oil

1 Tbsp Curry powder
1 Tbsp Butter
1 Block Curry roux
2 tsp Dry basil
2 tsp Dry parsley
600ml Water
1 tsp Ginger paste
1 tsp Garlic paste
1 Tbsp Ketchup
1/2 tsp Honey
2 tsp Consomme
Salt & pepper

Directions :

1. Once the curry powder, butter, curry roux, dried parsley and basil are in the pan, mix well while heating. *Be careful not to burn.
2. Once the water is added, add the ginger and garlic paste, mix lightly, then turn the heat to high and bring the soup to a boil. Then turn off the heat.
3. Cut each vegetable into bite-size pieces.
4. Heat potatoes and carrots in advance in a special container in a microwave oven.
5. Season chicken wings with salt and pepper.
6. Spread salad oil on a griddle and grill the vegetables. Add potatoes and carrots as well.
7. Close the lid and allow the ingredients to cook through.
8. Transfer grilled vegetables to curry broth. Coat the griddle again with salad oil.
9. Add the chicken wings and lightly brown the surface. Cover with a lid and cook until cooked through.
10. Once the chicken has also been transferred to the curry broth, turn the heat to medium.
11. Add the remaining seasonings and bring to a boil again.
12. Turn off the heat and place on a dish.13. Done!

YUCa’s Tips :

1. Heat potatoes and carrots in microwave earlier.
2. After adding curry powder and butter, be careful not to burn it.
3. For sweeter taste : Mango chutney, Mamalade Jam and grated apple.
4. For spicy taste : Garan masala, seven spices or red chili, and worcestershire sauce.

Memo :
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