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Recipe : Salted Onigiri

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Onigiri is a rice ball with various fillings. This time, I’ll show you one of my family’s favorite and the most EASY, SIMPLE & DELICIOUS onigiri. 🍙  Don’t forget to read YUCa’s Tips to master the basics to make Japanese rice balls.

Ingredients (6 rice balls):

600g  Japanese rice *steamed
4 Sheet  Nori seaweed
Salt, as needed
Water, as needed


1. Cut one sheet in two folds, fold the other in half lengthwise and cut.
2. Prepare cooked rice, water and salt in separate bowls.
3. Divide the rice into 6 equal portions with a spatula.
4. Wet your palms and put a certain amount of rice on it.
5. With using both hands, roll and form the onigiri to make triangle shape.
6. Put some salt on the palm, put it on every sides of onigiri and cover with nori seaweed.

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YUCa’s Tips:

1. Put an appropriate amount of water in the palm of your hand.
2. Avoid pressing hard when making rice balls.
3. If you want the crispy texture of nori, eat it as soon as you roll it into a rice ball.

About Onigiri :

Onigiri (Rice Balls)

Note : This recipe was first submitted in May 21, 2021 and resubmitted in April 3rd, 2023 to reflect recipe revisions and additional photos.

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