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Onigiri is a rice ball and soul food in Japan. Since it’s so common in Japan, I’ve kinda forgotten to introduce this recipe in my channel. After filmed this video, I noticed that onigiri is simple yet very deep. I mean, you can create and customize various onigiri(s). This time, I focused for introducing how to make triangle, circle shape onigiri and also the simple and easy toppings. If you would like to know more arrangement for onigiri, please let me know! I will film another recipe video! Enjoy Onigiri recipe video and please try it out!!!

Ingredients (4 servings):

2 Cup Japanese rice
2 Cup Water

Optional seasonings:
Goma-shio *Black sesame seeds and salt
Yukari *Dried red perilla and salt
Seasonings for onigiri
Nori seaweed


1. Prepare cooked rice.

2. Wet your palms and put a certain amount of rice on the palm.

3. With using both hands, roll and form the onigiri to make either circle or triangle shape.

4. Put some seasonings on every sides of onigiri and cover with nori seaweed.

Memo :
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