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Recipe : Nama Yatsuhashi

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In this recipe video, I will introduce how to make Nama Yatsuhashi. Nama Yatsuhashi is a Japanese sweets from Kyoto. This is also a gluten-free vegan Japanese sweets. A thin skinned glutinous mochi called gyuhi is sprinkled with cinnamon and soybean powder and filled with red bean paste gives it a unique flavor.

Ingredients (About 20 pieces) :

40g Shiratamako  *Glutinous rice flour 
60ml Warm water
60g Joshinko  *top-grade rice flour made from non-glutinous rice
40g Sugar
60ml Warm water

2 tsp Cinnamon powder
3 Tbsp Kinako (Soybean flour)
Anko (Sweet red bean paste), as needed

Directions :

1. Put the shiratamako and lukewarm water in a bowl and mix until smooth.
2. Then, add the joshinko, sugar, and lukewarm water, in that order, and mix well.
3. Microwave the bowl with loosely covered plastic cellophane for about 2 minutes. Then, take out once and mix lightly. *If the dough is too powdery, microwave for another minute.
4. Take out from the microwave and mix well to combine into one.
5. Sprinkle the Kinako (soybean flour) and cinnamon on the working table and mix well.
6. Place the dough  on top of it and roll out flat with using rolling pin.
7. Once the dough  has been rolled out, divide it into two equal portions and roll each portion out even thinner.
8. When the dough is thin enough, shape it into a square.
9. Top with red bean paste and fold in half.

YUCa’s Tips :

1. Mix glutinous rice flour and water very well until smooth.
2. Microwave the mixture until it becomes chewy and moist.
3. Recommend to put chopsticks between the sides to form gyuhi (mochi).

Memo :

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