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Recipe : Miso Soup & Tofu Steak

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This is my first collaboration episode with my friend Tomoko, a culinary curator based in LA and the host of the new-ish YouTube channel “Japanese Food Ambassador”. Introducing miso soup in our style. On my side, I will make tofu steak in addition to miso soup and explain about Japanese breakfast. Please look forward to the presentation method for kids! I hope you enjoyed this special episode and commented!

Ingredients (2 servings):

Miso Soup:
1 bundle Spinach
30g Daikon radish
1/4 block Silken tofu
400ml  Dashi soup stock
1 Tbsp Brown miso
1 Tbsp White miso

Tofu steak:
1 block Firm tofu
Potato starch, as needed
Chicken breast, as needed *steamed

2 Tbsp Dashi soup stock
2 Tbsp Spring onion *chopped
1 Tbsp Soy sauce
1 Tbsp Rice vinegar
2 tsp Sugar


Miso soup:
1. Cut spinach and daikon radish into bite size pieces. Then, Tofu into small cubes.
2. Pour dashi soup stock in a pot and heat with medium high.
3. Add daikon and wait until it cooks. Then, add spinach and lightly stir. Then, quickly turn to the low heat.
4. Scoop and put in two kinds miso paste and dissolve them.
5. Finally, add tofu and lightly stir. Then, turn off the heat.

Tofu steak:
1. Wrap the tofu with kitchen paper and drain the water very well.
2. Cut the tofu into 4 pieces. Then, coat them with potato starch.
3. Heat the frying pan with medium high and place canola oil.
4. Put tofu pieces on a frying pan and bake until both sides get brown color.
5. Mix all the ingredients of steak sauce and heat.
6. Put the steamed chicken over the tofu steak and pour the sauce as a final touch.

YUCa’s Tips:

1. Use dashi soup stock to add depth to the taste of miso soup.
2. Start boiling with hard ingredients to make miso soup.
3. Combine two or three types miso paste to create new flavors!
4. After adding miso paste, don’t boil the miso soup.
Please drain the firm tofu VERY well.

Memo :
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