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How many Japanese sweets can you list up? There are so many sweets here in Japan. Anmitsu (Japanese style parfait), Yohkan (Agar agar jelly made of red bean paste), Mochi (I assume mochi ice cream is popular overseas), Daifuku (Several flavored mochi with normally red bean paste inside), Nerikiri (special sweets usually at tea ceremony which is made of mochi and white bean paste), Taiyaki (fish shape waffle with filling inside), Kudzu mochi, Warabi mochi, Manjyu, Dango, Senbei (Rice crackers) etc. This Dorayaki is one of the famous and traditional sweets that people love! Some of you might know the Japanese cartoon Doraemon. His favorite food is Dorayaki, of course.
The secret of Dorayaki is to use honey. Thanks to honey, the texture of this mini pancake is moist and delicious! Enjoy Japanese cooking!!

Ingredients(6 servings):

2 Eggs
3 Tbsp Honey
45ml Water
1 tsp Baking soda
120g  Flour
Salad oil, as needed
300g Red bean paste


1. Put eggs and honey into the bowl and mix well until the color becomes white.
2. Mix Water and Baking soda into another bowl and Add to (1).
3. Add the flour and mix it with rubber spatula. Then, move in the fridge for 30 minutes.
4. Heat the pan with low heat. Pour the salad oil and wipe it off with paper towel when it turns warm. Pour the dough into the pan. Make 12 mini pancakes.
5. Put Red bean paste between the two mini pancakes.

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