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Recipe : Daigaku Imo

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In this recipe video, I will show you how to make Daigaku Imo. Daigaku means “university” and Imo means “potato” in general. During this video, I introduce the story behind this unique name and also some tips and useful techniques to make delicious Daigaku Imo. Enjoy!

Ingredients (2 portions):

1  Sweet potato
Rice oil, as needed
1 tsp (5ml)  Black sesame seeds

Seasoning :
4 Tbsp (60ml)  Sugar
4 Tbsp (60ml)  Mirin
2 Tbsp (30ml)  Soy sauce


1. Peel the sweet potato and cut off the edges. Cut into two types; stick type and bite size piece. Then, soak them in the water.
2. Put the oil in a pot and start to heat.
3. Prepare sauce pan and put all the seasonings. Then, lightly stir.
4. Take the potatoes out of the water. Then, wipe off the water on the potatoes with a kitchen paper.
5. Put the potatoes in a pot. Deep-fry them at 170-180 degrees until golden. Then, take the potatoes out of the oil.
6. Heat the mixing sauce with medium low heat. Stir it occasionally. Once the bubbles become bigger, add the sweet potatoes to cover the sauce.
7. Serve on the dish.
8. Sprinkle black sesame seeds from the top. Itadakimasu!

YUCa’s Tips:

Tip 1 : Use either rice oil or canola oil. *light and less flavor oil is perfect!
Tip 2 : Use Japanese sweet potato. *I use Beni haruka (紅はるか) in the video.
Tip 3 : Microwave the sweet potato if you are not familiar with frying at home.

For more about this dish:

Japanese Cooking Dictionary : Daigaku Imo

Memo :
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