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Meal prep of this week!

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Hello, everyone!  Thank you for always visiting YJC website!

How was your days last week? I visited many places in Tokyo for the next project.
I stayed at home only a day so I was tired. But it’s a good tired for sure!
I will announce about it later soon!! 

Here is this week’s meal prep collection!! Have a nice and healthy week, everyone!!

– Stir-fried Hiijki, tuna and fried tofu
– Sautéed konnyaku
– Spinach with white and black sesame sauce
– Stir-fried burdock and carrot
– Stir-fried minced pork
– Sauteed white bean sprouts with sesame oil
– Marinated chicken with curry sauce
– Grilled sweet corn
– Green pepper with myoga ginger and bonito flakes
– Pickled myoga ginger and cucumber
– Potato salad with Okara (tofu refuse) and vegetables
– Tomato salad with coriander, purple onion and green pepper

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