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YUCa’s Diary : Week 20, 2021

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Happy Birthday, Luigi!
Luigi became 7 years old recently. Kengo and I made easy and healthy birthday cake for him. (Technically, for Mario and Luigi.) We used sweet potato, broccoli, tofu and soy yogurt. As a final touch, Kengo put special cookies for dogs on top! They ate all of them! So happy.

Luigi is always scared and cowardly, but has a very adorable personality. Sometimes the gestures and behaviors are like cats. In my family hierarchy, I always chase after my brother Mario because I want to escape from the bottom. It’s hard to get into a fight with Mario, but he must be desperate every day.

Such a Luigi is already 7 years old. I may think that he is a puppy forever, but I want to be careful about his health and let him spend his precious time.

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