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Food Research in Los Angeles : Day 1

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It’s time to go overseas to do “food research”!!! 

My family and I visited LA for half holiday and half “food research” last week. In the airplane, I booked “Low carbohydrate meal” for me and “Child meal” for my son. You can choose various meals from ANA’s website in advance.

There were grilled chicken & vegetables, Smoked tuna, Sautéed mushrooms, Salad and peach flavor jelly in my meal. It was good experience to know those dishes and menu planning.  In the child meal, I found cute shape onigiri  that has a face on it. Sooo Japanese! It’s like a character bento box . My son had side dishes ( & snacks) a lot 

My husband chose the night flight so our son was sleeping almost all the time during our flight. Yay 

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