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Food Research in Los Angeles : Day 2

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Day 2 started with healthy breakfast ordered via Uber eats. I ordered vegan donut , Almond croissant , Ceviche with cauliflower, Karaage with creamy butter-milk sauce and Almond milk coffee. Some are new flavor for me so it was so fun and meaningful.

Then, driving time!

My friend living in LA took all of us to her favorite places. Open-car was the best experience for us, especially my son Kengo! He was sooo surprised .

At her recommended cafe, I had another ceviche (since I liked it!) and we talked a lot about healthy eating and its benefits for better life. I learned some food trends in LA as well. So insightful

My friend also took me to the local supermarket called EREWHON. (I still can’t pronounce properly…) She took me every isle and explained unfamiliar products for me. I bought almost all the products she recommended!

It’s also fun to see the Japanese ingredients section. I still wonder what’s inside of the “UMAMI powder”, “Miso broth” and “Umami paste”. (I hope no MSG inside… )

After the supermarket, she also took me to the local cafe called Lemonade . Again, I learned various combinations for salad and appetizers. Wish I had more time…Maybe next time!!!

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