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Delicious SOBA in Suwa area

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We went to the Suwa-city, Yamanashi prefecture the other day and had amazing soba noddles at one of the famous town of Soba in Japan.

Soba is made of buckwheat and usually eat with men-tsuyu (special soup for noodles), shredded daikon radish and Japanese spring onion. Some people add the wasabi as well. I especially love cold soba so that you can enjoy the texture of soba very much!!
So simple…that’s why it’s yummy

If you are interested in how to make men-tsuyu, please check this recipe! You can use this soup for udon, somen or other noodles as well.
It’s also simple and easy to make.

Before eating soba, they serve special appetizers with using local and seasonal ingredients. What a beautiful presentation!!

Horse mackerel tempura topped with shredded shiso (Japanese basil) and plum paste!

After taking off the shoes to enter the restaurant, you can see a soba work table in front of you! COOL!!

The name of the shop is “12ヶ月” means 12 months. So meaningful!

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