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Macrobiotic & Veggie restaurant Jinen-ya

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After visiting Suwa city, we moved to Karuizawa city by car. It took almost 2 hours so we enjoyed the scenery from the car. On the way to the hotel in Karuizawa, we visited amazing shop & restaurant called Jinen-ya! They serves macrobiotic food, gluten-free food, vegetarian food, organic food and Japanese style vegan food! 😋 Highly recommend if you are interested in discovering more Japanese food !!!

I ordered macrobiotic menu with miso soup, mixed grain rice, veggie small dishes and protein based fried food!

My husband ordered vegan veggie curry. He said that he had never tasted such a yummy vegan curry!

My son ordered the kids meal with vegan curry and rice, grape jelly and sweet potato.

You can also buy various macrobiotic food and non-food products in the shop.

I recommend to book your seats before visiting!

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