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Baby Food In Japan (9-10 Months) Vol.2 | Protein Recipe

In this recipe video, I will introduce how to make the Japanese baby food for 9 to 10 months old baby. From this month, babies can eat several seasonings like miso, soy sauce, mayonnaise and salt. I will use those seasonings and make protein incorporated set meal. I hope this recipe video will help you to make easy and nutritious baby foods.

Ingredients (2 servings) :

Tofu Hamburg Steak:
40g Silken tofu
5g Koya tofu
1 Tbsp Dried Hijiki seaweed
10g Carrot
1 tsp Mayonnaise
Salt, to your taste

Miso Soup with Fish Balls:
180ml Dashi soup stock
1 tsp Miso
15g Cod fish *boiled
1 tsp Carrot
1/2 tsp Potato starch

Yaki (Stir-fry) Udon:
40g Udon
1 Tbsp Chicken *minced
1/4 Slice Cabbage
1 tsp Carrot
3cm Spring onion
2 Tbsp Dashi soup stock
1 tsp Soy sauce
Canola oil, as needed

Directions :

Tofu Hamburg Steak:
1. Pour hot water to rehydrate  dried hijiki seaweed. (About 10 minutes)
2. Wrap the tofu to drain water. (About 10 minutes)
3. Grate dried koya tofu until it gets powder.
4. Chop the carrot into small sizes.
5. Put drained tofu, koya tofu powder, carrot and hijiki in a bowl. Then, add salt and mayonnaise and mix all together.
6. Heat the frying pan with medium heat. Form the tofu hamburgs into rounds and put them on the pan to grill.
7.  When it gets brown color, flip the hamburgs.

Miso Soup with Fish Balls:
1. Put cod fish and potato starch in a grinder and mush all together.
2. Prepare a pot and pour dashi soup stock.
3. Heat the pot with medium flame and add carrot and then miso.
4. When the soup gets hot, turn to low heat and add fish balls.

Yaki (Stir-fry) Udon:
1. Chop the spring onion into rounds and cabbage into small pieces.
2. Roughly cut the udon noodles.
3. Pour canola oil over the frying pan and heat the pan with medium flame.
4. When chicken cooked, add carrot and cabbage.
5. Pour dashi soup stock and lightly heat until veggies gets soften.
6. Add udon, soy sauce and spring onion. Then, lightly stir.

YUCa’s Tips :
1. When you don’t have time to drain water from tofu, add more koya tofu powder to adjust the softness of hamburg steak.
2. Fish balls might be easily crumbled even if you use potato starch. Never mind and make a starchy soup!
3. Recommend to add chopped nαtto (fermented soybeans) to add more protein and texture.

Memo :
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2. Would you like to cook many more recipes? Download Free recipe app from here! Recipe by YJC
3. For more “Japanese Baby Food Ideas”, please check my story section on my private Instagram.

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