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Baby Food In Japan (7-8 Months) Vol.3 | Vitamin Recipe

In this recipe video, I will introduce how to make the Japanese baby food for 7 to 8 months old baby. This is volume 3 (vol.3) and it’s vitamin recipe. I introduce 3 prep meals and make a set meal with using them. I hope this recipe video will help you, especially when you are busy and plan a meal in advance.

Ingredients (2 servings) :

3 kinds prep meals :
2 Cup Water
30g Daikon radish
20g (15g + 5g) Carrot
40g Onion
30g (20g + 10g) Cabbage
10g Komatsuna
20g Chicken breast *ground and boiled
50g Tomato paste

1 meal set:
30g Udon noodles *boiled and cut
4 Tbsp Dashi soup stock
Potato starch, as needed
Kinako powder
1 Tbsp Yogurt

Directions :

1. (Vitamin Soup) Pour water in a pot and add veggies. Then, bring to a boil and wait until all the veggies cooked. Take out the veggies from the pot.
2. (Vitamin Veggie Mix) Cut all the veggies into small sizes. Prepare the container and put daikon, onion, komatsuna and cabbage. Then, mix well.
3. (Meat & Veggie Mix) Prepare the container and put ground chicken, cabbage, carrot and tomato paste. Then, mix well.
4. (Main dish : Udon)  Mix udon, Meat & Veggie Mix, Dashi soup stock and potato starch in a container. Microwave for 1 minute.
5. (Side dish : Veggie Soup) Put Vitamin Veggie Mix in a bowl and pour Vitamin soup over it.
6. (Dessert : Yogurt) Put yogurt in a bowl and garnish carrot and Kinako.

YUCa’s Tips:
1. Use homemade frozen foods wisely.
2. Use tomato powder or fresh tomato or ketchup as for substitutions.
3. Eat frozen prep meals within 3 days to keep the quality.

Memo :
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2. Would you like to cook many more recipes? Download Free recipe app from here! Recipe by YJC
3. For more “Japanese Baby Food Ideas”, please check my story section on my private Instagram.

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