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Baby Food In Japan (7-8 Months) Vol.1 | Overview

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In this vlog, I will introduce Baby food (7-8 months) in Japan. In Japan, babies start eating baby food around 5 months old. As a mom of 2 children, I’ve been enjoying making baby food (and also kids meal) for almost 5 years now. My daughter became 8 months old so I decided to film what she eats now. I hope you enjoy watching this video and try it out!

Ingredients (5 meals):

Dashi soup stock ice cube *Made of 1L Water and 10g Bonito flakes
40g Rice porridge *frozen
40g Udon noodles *Chopped and frozen
1/2 tsp Broccoli *frozen
1/2 tsp Eggplant *frozen
1 Tbsp Natto (fermented soybeans)
100g Chicken breast *ground
1 Egg yolk


1. Prepare 5 glass containers and put each ingredients to make 3 Main dishes and 2 Side dishes.
(Main dish 1) Put rice porridge, broccoli, carrot and dashi ice cube.
(Main dish 2) Put udon, pumpkin, powder parmesan cheese and dashi ice cube.
(Main dish 3) Put carrot, onion, egg yolk and rice porridge.
(Side dish 2) Put eggplant, ground chicken, powder parmesan cheese and dashi ice cube.
(Side dish 1) Put natto, broccoli, ground chicken and dashi ice cube.
2. Reheat with microwave and then wait until it gets room temperature. Enjoy!

Memo :
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3. For more “Japanese Baby Food Ideas”, please check my story section on my private Instagram.

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